La Zenia Boulavard......Amazing

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18 Jun 2012 21:52 by ob123 Star rating in Southern Ireland. 182 posts Send private message

Hi Muck-fe I like it when it's quiet and I like it when it is busy as well that's my answer to in other words I like it all the time....

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18 Jun 2012 22:02 by ob123 Star rating in Southern Ireland. 182 posts Send private message

Angela I see what you mean but if your happy in the terrible country that's fine, but I can't wait to get of of here and live the dream until I die and then have my ashes scattered over Cabroig Beach and my wife feels the very same, I can speak a little Spanish as well so that helps, and we have a lot of Irish friends over there now so that is also a great help to stay for good,and forget about the place, sorry I never knew I could say I would be ashamed to be Irish but it is for real, I mean it ..... Angel may god bless you and the best of luck in your future.....ob123....

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18 Jun 2012 23:57 by Muck-fe Star rating. 12 posts Send private message


It's the answer I expected from somebody who doesn't have to live with this ever growing concept and eyesore full-time.

You'll probably be happy to know that the big main Casino is also moving in.. relocating from Torrevieja with plans also waiting to be rubber stamped for a big new conference center as well.... by guess who...? The Mayor of Orihuela.

There are 5.000 car parking spaces. 2.500 of these underground, with a projected workforce of 1.800 servicing 150 shops.

..... and it's still spot the person here... 

Maybe you should read ..

What A Waste Of  Money
Spain has blown some cash since the boom time arrived. The biggest example can be seen in Valencia.
The true cost of The City of Arts and Sciences has been finally released this month.  The centre costs the city one million euro per year - Valencia, a city that had to issue bonds this year at Greece-level interest rates just to keep afloat. They can barely keep their football stadium from crumbling around the players and yet someone in public office thought it a good idea to pay an architect, Santiago Calatrava, 94 million euro to design and build a herd of white elephants. Worse still, they told him he could have "artists" privilege and not pay tax on the cash. He built the eye sore and ran back to Switzerland a very rich man. 

Still it couldn't possibly happen with La Zenia Boulavard could it..... I mean people will come flooding in from everywhere..


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19 Jun 2012 00:19 by ob123 Star rating in Southern Ireland. 182 posts Send private message

Hi Muck.fe that's sounds very exciting even better than I thought let's hope you are wrong about your predictions and that we will all have a, live happy ever after ending, I was there from Oct to April and I must say it was quiet sometimes but then down in Paddy's Point was packed every night, so we had a mixed bag, I am trying to put together what your opinion of the area is are you just a person that likes a good argument or do you hate paradise......

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19 Jun 2012 01:18 by angela59 Star rating in Ireland. 58 posts Send private message

ob123, why move away from Ireland - your in Paddys Point every night - God the way you speak about Ireland you think it's away from those places you want to be getting.  I'd say in all of the 7 years I've been to Spain - I've been to Paddys Point twice - I try to keepy away from the Irish bars.  The Urbanisation I lived in was multi cultural, met loads of interesting people from different countries and my kids learned about different cultures.  

I now understand your version of paradise - it's completely different version to mine - " Jameson Whiskey here €23 there €14"!!!

Adios Amigo


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19 Jun 2012 08:56 by ob123 Star rating in Southern Ireland. 182 posts Send private message

Angela just one more think I am a pioneer and never broke my pledge, all I drink is Coke, just in case you think I am a alco.....Mucho Gracias, Hasta Luego, ......

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19 Jun 2012 11:08 by Muck-fe Star rating. 12 posts Send private message


I bought 2 houses in La Zenia in 1999 because I thought it was idealic....  I knew there would be more houses built obviously, but there were no plans for this monstrosity of a shopping precinct and had I have known it was on the back boiler, I would have bought somewhere else like Los Alcázares instead.... Gawd, I wish I had.

When I was looking at property prices there yesterday, at least they have remained slightly more stable as opposed to the La Zenia area, where property prices are definitely on the downward spiral, you only have to look in somewhere like Comaskey's to see that, with Town Houses now down to €89,000.

If you think I'm being argumentative about it all, then so be it.... Only I am fed up with people like you telling me how great it's all going to be, because some concrete man-made shopping jungle suddenly appears from nowhere...

Well, it ain't great for me and I'm voicing my opinion as to that fact... 

Let's just say ob123, your idea of paradise differs greatly from mine.... I don't share your glee of having to live in a carbon copy of Milton Keynes.... It's what I came here to get away from..!






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19 Jun 2012 11:26 by ob123 Star rating in Southern Ireland. 182 posts Send private message

I see what you mean, but I think with the price of Diesel people like to be near everything especially this massive centre where they have everything at there door step, I am not to far from Supervalue in Los Dolses and there are cranes buildings new apartments in 3 diffewrent sites and I was in there looking at them last Week, i thought this was crazy witk all the unfinished ones but the sales rep told me about La Zenia boulavard would be a massive advantage to all of us, so they all can't be wrong she said there is huge demant since Boulavard got the go ahead, so you see you have got it all wrong your houses in La Zenia will go up in value the omes below the N332 are wort about 10,000. I hope now you see that I am not mad or insane, be possitive and sit on your propertys and wait, I have several houses in Ireland and there are down 50% wish I had them there....where you are, are you cherred up now......

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19 Jun 2012 14:18 by angela59 Star rating in Ireland. 58 posts Send private message

Apologies ob123 for having inferred that you might like your drink, proud of you for being a pioneer - my dad was one all his life and my son who has just got confirmation has also taken the pledge - not much of a drinker myself,  just like wine not spirits.  With regard to your property you are entitled to your opinon as much as the next person but from what I am reading on other forums and no disrespect to anyone but people in the "know" are very much at odds with what you are saying.  There is an over supply of houses and apartments in spain - I think the last figure I saw was up to 3 million.   I could have held on to my property and rented it out but tenancy laws in Spain don't favour the landlord.  Some of my neighbours had been badly stung with people not paying rent and electricity and found it hard to get them out. 


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19 Jun 2012 18:01 by ob123 Star rating in Southern Ireland. 182 posts Send private message

Hi Angela, they way to rent it out is from Ireland I have many friends who rent it from me every Year I give them the keys going over and I get €300 a Week June July and August and my Irish friend over cleanes after every letting for €40, so what I make keeps it running for the Year, I dob't advertise anymore just word of mouth I have a 3 bed 2 Bath house and they love the place so I have no fees to pay these rip off agents, how it all started I gave one of my work men a Week there every Year thats his bonus then he told others and the book it every year the same 5 or familys, late to be talking about that for you as you are gone, but it works very well my plan and then I have it for the rest of the Year for myself......

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19 Jun 2012 22:02 by angela59 Star rating in Ireland. 58 posts Send private message


I did rent mine out for last two years and was popular but by the time the electricity bill came in after some of the renters it wasn't worth renting out with aircon on full time.  No I definetly don't want the headache, I'll gladly be a renter from now on.



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20 Jun 2012 00:07 by ob123 Star rating in Southern Ireland. 182 posts Send private message

OK Angela we had a great kind of a chat about our differences and they way we feel about Spain when we came home last Week my wife  says what brought us here it is almost raining since, so you see we both love Spain and thats the way it is, but you are for some reason sick to hell of having a place there, however that the way it is, All the best now and thanks for your view I thought I would change it but no you are a strong person about your views.......Mucho Gracias, Adoius, Hasta Proxima, ob123

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28 Jun 2012 20:25 by Keith110 Star rating in the UK and I am lead.... 682 posts Send private message

Get ready for La Zenia Boulevard

ROUND TOWN NEWS - 28 June 2012 Written by Louise Clarke

Representatives of La Zenia Boulevard present the commercial centre to the press

ONE OF the biggest commercial centres in Europe was unveiled to the press on Wednesday at a special preview in Orihuela Costa. La Zenia Boulevard is due to open its doors officially on 26th September and members of the press were treated to a virtual tour around the centre.

The centre has been in the planning since 2008 and is owned by Immochan, a commercial venture of Grupo Auchan, which is the biggest supermarket chain in Spain and the 12th biggest supermarket retailer worldwide, with outlets in 12 countries around Europe.

Boasting more than 616 hypermarkets, 759 supermarkets and 320 commercial centres, the company is riding the storm of the current economic crisis well; promoting price promises and top quality customer service.
The company also employees more than 260,000 employees throughout their enterprises in various countries such as France, Holland, Portugal, China and Taiwan and the La Zenia Boulevard alone will bring more than 1800 much needed and welcome jobs to the Orihuela municipality.

There will be 150 shops located inside the commercial centre and 5000 parking spaces. Shops already confirmed include Europe’s biggest Primark, Alcampo, H&M, Decathalon, Leroy Merlin, C&A, Zara and Druni; to name but a few. There will be a food court including popular bars Lizarran and Cerveceria as well as a casino, a gym and a bowling alley.

The Alcampo supermarket chain has been established for 80 years and has four hypermarkets in the Valencia region; employing 900 people. They provide fresh fruit and fish from local suppliers and said that their team of professionals are prepared to provide the best quality service for all its clients.

As well as the supermarket, Alcampo will also provide a petrol station which, again, will guarantee to offer the best prices for diesel and petrol in the area. They will also provide an online shopping service and a car care centre within La Zenia Boulevard.

The centre is made up of Plazas, Calles and Puertas with a botanical garden as its centrepiece in the Plaza Mayor. The garden features plants and flowers typical to the Valencia and Murcia regions and will be an ideal place to while away an hour or two after a morning of busy shopping.

There is even a London Square, which will be a popular spot for socialising in the centre and is an acknowledgement to the thousands of British residents that live in and around Orihuela Costa.
RTN will have more on the new centre in the lead up to its opening in September.


LEY 57/1968


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28 Jun 2012 22:42 by Muck-fe Star rating. 12 posts Send private message

They can try all the hypermarket they like on the place..... but I have the misfortune to see it everyday and the whole area still looks nothing more than a prefab concrete dump... Eye candy it certainly ain't.

When you look at the exterior of the centre, there isn't one attractive feature about it, even the road system to get to it looks as though they've made it up as they've gone along.

As for the bit about the London Square and how all us expats will be gathering  there, socialising and drinking coffee.... Hysterical..!


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29 Jun 2012 00:03 by ob123 Star rating in Southern Ireland. 182 posts Send private message

Mr Muck-fe what a gloomy picture you paint about La Zenia Boulavard let's be positive and hope the honeymoon period will last for Years, I have told all my frieds who have property near the complex and they are delighted and excited about the future of the Boulavard, if everyone was like you Spain would shut down for good and everyone would jump in to the sea.....get a life.........

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29 Jun 2012 10:29 by Muck-fe Star rating. 12 posts Send private message


I already have the Spanish life ob123.......  I live here and you don't... FACT..!

Unlike you I can survive without having a massive ugly eyesore of a Shopping Centre on my front doorstep.

If you love shopping that much and can't live without the hussle and bustle of being surrounded by ugly concrete warehousing then why don't you just do us all a favour and stay where you are in Ireland.

You are also totally misguided in your thoughts that your property price is going to increase.... totally misguided,.... I know because I am going through the motions of now trying to move away from this mass of warehousing and carpark spaces.

I live in the real world ob123 and the house prices here do not reflect your thoughts and comments in your previous posts. They are not going up because of this Boulavard.... They are still going down.... Not so much get a life ob123... but maybe you should... Get Real..!

As for your nonsense about Spain will shut down.... That's exactly what the smaller shops surrounding this dump will end up having to do and no doubt a lot of the smaller shops within it, as well given time...

As for jumping in the sea... Great idea...!!

Sounds far more idyllic than your dream of spending everyday shopping in your brand new beloved temple, called La Zenia Boulavard.

I don't call that a life..!





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29 Jun 2012 12:40 by angela59 Star rating in Ireland. 58 posts Send private message

Have to agree with Muck-fe.  Certainly looks according to the markets that Spain might certainly be shutting down. 


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29 Jun 2012 13:05 by gill556 Star rating in orihuela. 69 posts Send private message

I understand the underpass opened today and is chaos. I do live in Spain but am in UK at the moment so can't do photos.

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29 Jun 2012 15:55 by georgia Star rating in Algorfa (As seen on .... 1835 posts Send private message

Vip Supporter

georgia´s avatar

 I have just driven through the underpass 5 minutes ago,no chaos,2 cars in front of me....1 behind.its hardly the M25!

_______________________ still here after all these years!

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29 Jun 2012 16:59 by ob123 Star rating in Southern Ireland. 182 posts Send private message

Ye are all mad discusted about the way you cut something before it even opens..... ye should all go home to the wind and rain and rat race in the UK.......

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