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13 Oct 2014 17:52:

My husband had a stroke 12 years ago and was given the all clear to go back to work and to drive after several weeks. No further problems. The same could be said about heart attack victims, most on here will suffer from one or the other, does that make them safer than the OP's husband or will you all give up driving as soon as it happens?

Thread: Accident in hired car

22 Sep 2014 09:20:

My husband used to deal with the certificate of habitation at our local town hall. It is not necessary to change in to the new owner's name however if the new owner insists then they have to pay for it because it is not required legally.

Thread: Habitation certificate

05 Sep 2014 15:56:

Can anybody tell me what documents and how much to do a change of ownership for a 125 scooter? We will have to go to Alicante as he wants to change to a Spanish licence while we are there.


Thread: Trafico

15 Aug 2014 11:37:

2 weeks ago my neighbour drove me to Carrefour, a 30 km round trip to purchase a new car battery. When i got home the car still wouldn't start so phoned for a mechanic who came and tested the new battery and said it was dead. I paid him 20 euro call out charge and again got my neighbour to drive me back to Carrefour. After ages in the queue a young man arrived and said he couldn't do anything about it as it would give him a problem. I started off very calmly and explained that as I was the customer and I was the one with the problem and already I had paid out 20 euros and had to return to the store I suggested that he gave me a new one. He kept telling me he would have a problem if he exchanged it even though i had only bought it 2 hours previously. I explained that I lived in an area with no buses and i needed my car and hadn't got the money for another battery. At this point i lost my temper and demanded he get the manager which then turned in to another argument when he refused. I ended up screaming at him which resulted in him threatening to walk away. I had to threaten a sit in when he decided perhaps he would change it and promptly tested it and agreed it was flat. We went to the shelf and he tested a new one and gave it to me. At this point i asked him why they weren't tested at the point of sale and got the usual shrug. I then pointed out that the new one had red plastic covers over the terminals whereas the one bought earlier had not. I wrote this on another message board and numerous people have had the same experience with all sorts of items which were returned as not working and put back on the shelf.

Thread: service???

24 Jun 2014 18:19:

I just got someone's electric re-connected who hadn't paid their last 2 bills, just hadn't noticed. I was told that I had to go to Iberdrola and get a statement, then take it to the bank and pay the bills then take receipt back to Iberdrola who would then arrange for the electric to be put back on, this was from my gestor who said he couldn't do it for me as it was too difficult. At that a Spanish lady came in to the office, phoned them up and paid the bills by credit card and within an hour it was back on. The re-connection fee was 22 euros which will be added to the next bill.

Thread: Iberdrola have cut us off - Help!


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