Vodafone- You think Telefonica is bad?????

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18 Apr 2011 00:00 by Marksfish Star rating in Puerto Rey, Vera, Al.... 2468 posts Send private message

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 Time for a rant about Vodafone.

Having had TF provide my phone and ADSL for 12 months, I left them to move to Vodafone as TF would compete on price. I signed my contract with Vodafone in February in the Mojacar shop, walked away with my equipment and was told my line would be owned by VF within 2 weeks and adsl active, in the meantime I could use their dongle free of charge and I would receive a text message to tell me when it was active.. I had no need to use the dongle as I came home next day. Left the new router plugged in ready for someone to tell me when th light turned from red to green.

3 weeks ago, I still had not heard anything, so logged into My Vodafone. There is no facility within to do anything except enquire about mobiles, so I tried to log a question. For 10 days, emails kept going back and forth telling me I must go into the shop. A bit difficult I explained to them as I am 1500 miles away!! They have asked me 3 times now for my NIE, address, postcode and phone number, each time it has been replied to. They are nw telling me that my phone number (a number I don't recognise) had been disconnected. A look into My Vodafone shows the address also as being wrong, despite providing IBI bill for proof of address a) when registering SIM card for phone & b) when taking out contract for adsl and phone.

It has got to the stage whereI am going to cancel my direct debit , as they are taking small amounts each month (less than 2€), although they cannot tell me what this is for? Frustration is not the word . Wish i'd stayed with TF now. Better the devil you know!!!



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18 Apr 2011 19:25 by gcarton Star rating. 145 posts Send private message

Sorry to disagree with you, but our experience was quite the reverse. In the end it took 3 months to have ADSL installed by Telefonica for Vodafone, who is actually their customer. In the intervening three months we paid nothing to Vodafone for using the dongle and the mobile landline. I think your  mistake was to walk away and assume it would all happen. The Vodafone shop would be able to keep tabs on all events. We cannot praise highly enough the customer service we received. Meanwhile when TF did install the line, they were rude, arrogant and whatever, not too mention more expensive.


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18 Apr 2011 19:51 by Pitby Star rating in Andalucía. 1904 posts Send private message

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Just today found out that vodafone have taken €300 plus tax from our bank account for cancelling a contract with them! Not only was the contract we cancelled a non-permanent one (so did not attract a €150 cancellation fee) but they deducted two cancellation fees!! We are already proceeding to arbitration with vodafone over another matter! Would never again, if my life depended on it, take another service with that company!
Edited to say: we have had a landline and adsl contract with Telefonica for nearly two years without any problem and we were thinking to change to vodafone until we had dealings with them! Will not be happening!!

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19 Apr 2011 20:20 by mike_walsh Star rating in Torrevieja. 594 posts Send private message

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I was with Vodaphone. It was no big deal. I got an average service (for Spain) for a higher price than I was used to paying in Britain. However, when the dongle failed to function I was frustrated by days of trying to sort it. I finally learned that they are often faulty.

One would think it a simple matter of exchanging it. Not so. The local Vodaphone outlets said it was nothing to do with them. Trying to get through to Vodaphone? I might as well have tried holding a seance to talk with my mum. In the end I gave up and walked away with six months to run on the contract. Touch wood, they have taken nothing. Could be due to my changing accounts.

Do they really expect clients to keep paying when their poor service means you no longer have internet access? I suppose they do. To be honest, when the last reports were published none of the telecommunications service providers came out with any credit. If you are looking for the best don't bother; it is futile.


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22 Apr 2011 18:39 by Marksfish Star rating in Puerto Rey, Vera, Al.... 2468 posts Send private message

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 It gets better. I had a Telefonica line, Vodafone were to take over the line and adsl, notifying TF in the process of change of line ownership. DD from TF and VF this month, so savings out the window . I am now told that VF have the line, but have issued a new number??? I can't check it until when out in a couple of weeks.

I am wondering if my problem stems from not using the dongle? I left the shop with my router and a 3G dongle which I am allowed to use plugged into the router F.O.C until ADSL is activated. I neverplugged in the dongle as I came home a couple of days later and still had my TF connection.

VF will now not talk to me telling me to go through My Vodafone. That's where the correspondence started,whilst logged into my account. Problem with My Vodafone is that it concentrates on mobile and nothing much else .



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29 Jun 2011 19:10 by Marksfish Star rating in Puerto Rey, Vera, Al.... 2468 posts Send private message

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 Hopefully, there is a light at the end of the tunnel. Finally got to the VF shop in Mojacar today and explainedmy predicament. They agreed to take my router back and cancel the contract. They also said they will find out why I have been paying a sum for the last few months (with no factura) and hopefully will get a refund. Not holding my breath for that one though, just glad that it's finally coming to an end.



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01 Jul 2011 13:20 by Angell Star rating. 31 posts Send private message

I have a Vodafone Pay as You Go Sim card and have been quite happy with 'My Vodafone', it was in English and I obtained points each time I used it, I had collected quite a lot of points then a few months ago 'My Vodafone' was changed to Spanish and all the points disappeared, there is no contact with them in English, as soon as I have used up my balance I shall be getting a different Sim card, Vodafone are not the least bit interested in customers.

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