Anyone know of a decent electrician?

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16 Apr 2011 00:00 by Hammersfan Star rating in Body in Essex, Heart.... 160 posts Send private message

The element on our electric water heater has gone and needs to be replaced.

We have found one guy who can do the job, but says he can't come till 2nd may....and we are struggling to find anyone else

We are in Daya Nueva near Almoradi.



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16 Apr 2011 19:17 by amep75 Star rating. 79 posts Send private message



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16 Apr 2011 20:56 by mgk Star rating in Penthouse 2. 241 posts Send private message

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 Bit racialist that last post!! pity I am a bit far away from you, good luck, but be careful you dont get your wires crossed


tel.605 832  795

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16 Apr 2011 21:00 by amep75 Star rating. 79 posts Send private message

 not racist at all just the result of unfortunate experiences with brits here anyway do what you like and the best of luck


lets hope he doesnt electricute you but then its your life to throw awayy if you choose an unqualified electrican

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17 Apr 2011 00:34 by Hammersfan Star rating in Body in Essex, Heart.... 160 posts Send private message

If I was prepared to do it myself, I wouldn't have created this thread...I much prefer to pay for an expert to do something

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17 Apr 2011 00:44 by mgk Star rating in Penthouse 2. 241 posts Send private message

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 Hi amep75

No insult intended, you are right there are people who will indicate that they are qualified to do installations or repairs, always ask for proof of their credentials before parting with your hard earned money, its a cruel world out there!!


tel.605 832  795

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17 Apr 2011 00:57 by Hammersfan Star rating in Body in Essex, Heart.... 160 posts Send private message

MGK, Agreed, but in that sense Spain is no different from the UK. If I chose a tradesman from an advert in the local paper in England, I can easily find myself lumbered with a cowboy.

Our very negative friend AMEP75 seems to have missed the obvious...that I started this thread in the hope that someone has had a good experience with a local electrician (and I don't care if he is english, spanish or from the planet zog), and could recommend them to that I'd have less chance of having problems


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17 Apr 2011 05:25 by foxbat Star rating in Granada. 1114 posts Send private message

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If this is a typical el cheapo 80 litre water heater of the type sold by Bricodepot, be advised that you cannot replace the element; replacement elements are just not available. The water heaters of this type generally have a life of about three years if used without a water conditioning system in the cold water inlet. The water is so hard here in Spain that they do fail fairly rapidly.

We have had to replace ours twice in six years. The latest one we obtained from a local ferretaria, does have replacent elements available. ours is in use 24/7 and is switched on all the time. Far cheaper to heat up smaller amounts of water more often than a whole tankfull twice or three times a day....a decent replacement tank 80 liters 1.5Kw will cost around 180 €. It can be a DIY job but be advised the tanks are very heavy if you are working in a confined space.

And as for ameps comment about the whole thing taking just 20 will take that long just to drain the tank....




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17 Apr 2011 11:29 by amep75 Star rating. 79 posts Send private message

 yes but you can sitdown whist it is  draining why not just replace with  an instant heat gas water heater 170 eu gas 14 eu a month

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17 Apr 2011 11:58 by mikelord Star rating in Roda. 148 posts Send private message


I can recommend an electrician:


Tel: 966731110

mob: 606875735

He has done work for me at Roda & at a rental property in Torrevieja, he is very professional & reasonably priced. He isolated & fixed a problem for me which a Spanish electrician told me was water penetration - it was a faulty cable!!



Michael Lord

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17 Apr 2011 13:05 by inspectahomespain Star rating in Orihuela Costa, Spai.... 2409 posts Send private message

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Try Craig, based in Quesada and has a legal company C&D

+34 628 890 763

The comments made about replacing the whole unit are very sensible and the cheapest place is near you BricoDepot. B&Q to us, at Crevellente

No all Brits or cowboys and they exist for both British and Spanish tradesmen, I know as I use lots in my work


Roy Howitt Independent Property Consultant WE CAN FIND YOUR DREAM HOME 627 955 748

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17 Apr 2011 16:07 by Hammersfan Star rating in Body in Essex, Heart.... 160 posts Send private message

Thanks guys, much appreciated

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