Fined for driving with ear piece!

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17 Feb 2011 00:00 by King of Spain 999 Star rating. 44 posts Send private message

I was shocked while I was over in Spain to be pulled up by an unmarked police car for driving with an earpiece in my left ear (I think they would have also fined me if it was in the right ear as well, but you never know...its Spain after all!)

It was 100 Euros on the spot fine, cash!

I paid them as they had Guardia Civil clothing on and a remote handheld for fining me with and giving me a receipt.

However, I am wondering this really something I should have been fined for in Spain? I got back to mainland Europe and it appears that this is OK in other European countries. You get fined for talking on the phone and NOT having an earpiece in most countries!

The policeman explained that the reason was that I could not hear properly whist driving (even though I had indicated over as soon as his siren went on!). I told him it was just stuck in there and there was no music and I was not even on the phone talking. He was having none of it and proceeded to fine me.

I was over there to see Maria de Castro about out group's deposit returns where we mostly don't have bank guarantees. I let the scene wishing that if only getting an on the spot return of deposit was possible! It seems in Spain they have very effective systems of taking money away from foreigners but not returning what is rightfully theirs back to them!



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17 Feb 2011 17:09 by guslopez Star rating in Lorca, Murcia.. 745 posts Send private message

Yes,it is illegal here. The only way to use a mobile is 'hands-free'. The type that cuts off the stereo & puts the call through the speakers.


Todos somos Lorca.

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17 Feb 2011 19:57 by GuyT Star rating. 457 posts Send private message

Interesting logic. If the radio had been on so loud he couldn't hear himself think would it have been an offence? If the intention is that you mustn't have sound distractions, then one shouldn't be listening to the radio, or talking, or letting anyone else talk.

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17 Feb 2011 23:33 by EOS Team Star rating in In Spain of course!. 4017 posts Send private message

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If it's getting that silly I think they need to ban kids from cars too.  The number of times i've nearly crashed whilst telling the kids off in the car....I'm surprised I'm still alive to write this



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18 Feb 2011 13:33 by JazII Star rating in Mar Menor and UK. 133 posts Send private message

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Justin you jest but somebody did crash into the back of us when we were stationery at traffic lights because they had their head turned round wrong way telling their kids off, despite driving moving a car.......very dangerous and caused a lot of damage ;-))


The headpiece bit though is it the driving in flipflops ban.  It's far more dangerous to drive in Stilettos ;-))

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