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12 Jan 2011 00:00 by Cary Star rating in Southampton. 14 posts Send private message

Hi , does anyone know if it s possilbe to actually pay an e-bill on line through the endesa electricity site ? I recently  and finally got set up to view my bills so when I'm not in Spain I know what's due,, however now that I can see a bill I can't actually see anywhere on the site that I can actually put in my credit card details to pay the bill. Normally I just take my bills into banks or post offices to pay when Im there as I have no bank there. It seemed simpler to me just to drawer out the cash and pay my bills each time I go,, rather old fashioned I know.,, but having a certain resentment against banks in general I decided not to set an account up to pay by direct debit to an otherwise empty bank account there.


Would be grateful for any advice,,, endesa chanllenged !



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13 Jan 2011 17:20 by buzylizzie Star rating in Gibraltar, Manilva a.... 193 posts Send private message

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Hi Cary

Unfortunately, no, you cannot pay them online. You have to set up a direct debit or print the bill from the website and pay it at a bank or post office

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13 Jan 2011 18:41 by Cary Star rating in Southampton. 14 posts Send private message

Many thanks ,, pity tho.


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07 Feb 2011 15:29 by vinny13 Star rating. 1 posts Send private message



We pay our bills online. Open your e bill and there are some reference numbers, or you can use the number under the bar code.

On the Endessa page under Servicios Express you will see pago online, follow the instructions it is pretty easy and you can print out the conformation from La Caixa. Any debit or credit card is suitable, Spainish or not.

I actually came onto the forum to find out if there are any cheaper alternatives as their prices are now way beyound any joke, just paid out €450 for two months after reading in the Sur the other week that the average bill is €70 a month!

Any advice would be good!

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07 Feb 2011 15:44 by JohnKath Star rating. 157 posts Send private message

How did you manage to open an Endesa account without a bank account? Both Endesa and Iberbanda started the process by asking for a bank account number to debit bills to.

What I dont like is that they take money at will sometimes with no justification on high estimates I would prefer it to be the other way round. My bank have been very good and recovered wrong payments up to 2 months old but are not able to go back beyond that.

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07 Feb 2011 15:59 by foxbat Star rating in Granada. 1114 posts Send private message

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vinny 13...

Electricity prices are set by National Government so not a whole lot of point in trying to swap suppliers!

Our electricity bills with endesa for December and January combined came to 524 Euros.

Obviously it depends on where you are and how much electricity you have to use as a result.

70 Euros would I imagine just about cover a South facing small property or apartment very close to the coast where one is not dependent upon electric heaters.

In our case we are halfway up an inland alp at 3000 feet altitude, the house is active 24/7 and all heating is by electicity.

Water heating and the oven are also all electric.

Our bill is never less than 120 Euros per month based on actual readings rather than by estimates. Our cheapest months are May and October.

Electricity prices were increased by 9.8% on Jan 1st. which makes Spanish electricity more expensive than the UK even with its recent price increase.


Edited for typos...


This message was last edited by foxbat on 07/02/2011.




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07 Feb 2011 16:05 by JohnKath Star rating. 157 posts Send private message

I thought that the regulated rate only applied to the low Potencia below 3.4kw supply.

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07 Feb 2011 17:26 by summer1010 Star rating. 62 posts Send private message

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I'm past the point of being frustrated with Endesa now.  It seems that there's nothing you can do. At least in Britain there is such a thing as customer service, where you can lodge a complaint and get it looked at.

Yes, I have a small 2 bed apartment 5 mins inland from the coast in Benalmadena and since last October the monthly bills have been coming in at 260, 245, 250 euros per month!

I think I need to 'do a Thomas Crown'! :(


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07 Feb 2011 18:39 by mnj Star rating in L.A. Murcia . 37 posts Send private message

have the same problem with Iberdola for the last 2 years tried talking to them e-mail them

gone to main office still no joy so i refused to pay the last bill they then waited 1 month and then cut me off

i then went to the office and they have told me the meter will be removed next week i then will have to

pay the outstanding bill and they will put a new meter in so why bother trying to talk to them you may as well

not bother and just don't pay them it seams to be the only way they will do anything 



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07 Feb 2011 18:46 by Cary Star rating in Southampton. 14 posts Send private message

Despite many emails I never get a reply from Endesa. I'm working here in the UK.  I paid everything on my last visit,,and activated e - billing,,, when that came thru finally they had already (unknown by me ) cut me off for not paying one bill that was only just over a month old..

When I finally got it from their website there was another bill due - I got both paid promptly together. A neighbour said a sticker was placed on the meter "cut off",,,, so e-billing also hasn't helped me. No replies from them and no warning of being cut off. This wouldn't happen in the Uk.. I'm pretty disgusted with them for not forewarning me.


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07 Feb 2011 18:53 by Cary Star rating in Southampton. 14 posts Send private message

Reply for John Kath - when I signed up to  Endesa i told them though I have a bank account in Spain I was working in Uk so had no money in the spanish bank account and would pay each visit up to date and at the same time said if do internet payments and they have my email address  i would pay on line the bill.


It took a bit of time to get the ebill set up due to my lack of understanding enough spanish, but I eventually did. i can now view my e-bills which are identical to the paper form. At first I couldn't see how to pay it on line however, hence late by one month and got cut off. Since getting cut off I have searched their website to see where the hell you pay it on line and at first thought the girl in the office was either misinformed and you couldn't pay on line or my misunderstanding her spanish. However,, I then looked at their other bits of Home page endesa and lo an behold there was a pay on line staring me in the face.. if only this had been on the ebill page where I log into see my invoice I would have paid on line immediately and not suffered the consequence of being cut off.




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07 Feb 2011 19:07 by foxbat Star rating in Granada. 1114 posts Send private message

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quote...I thought that the regulated rate only applied to the low Potencia below 3.4kw supply... unquote

The 9.8% increase was applied to all consumers on a less than 10Kw supply...so virtually everyone is affected!





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07 Feb 2011 22:14 by rod Star rating in Uk and Spain. 469 posts Send private message

We use ENDESA and spend on average 1000 euros a year we rent out for on average 180 days a year so i guess 2000 a year is what we would have to pay if we lived full time in SPAIN

We pay the same on a 5 bed home in the UK for gas and electric so i guess Spain is more EXPENSIVE for heating and lighting etc 

Spain is not cheap anymore unless you live a very basic existence it seems





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07 Feb 2011 23:01 by Team GB Star rating. 1248 posts Send private message

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You just need to be carefull with electricity usage these days, we live on the coast so not as cold as inland but we have no other option but to cook and heat the water by electricity, however we use bottled gas and solid fuel for heating so its very much 'pay as you go' on this front.


Dont use Aircon

Fit low energy lighting and lamps

Set fridge freezer to lower setting

Get a hot /cold fill washing machine ( most are cold fill here so need to heat up)

Dry washing outside on nice days

Don't leave TV's etc in 'standby'

Our Endesa bills have been averaging out at 100e per month (4 bed house 2 people full time)






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09 Feb 2011 00:43 by DJS Star rating. 16 posts Send private message


Go to http://www.endesaonline.com/ES/Hogares/ down the left hand side click online payments,

This takes you to a page with how to pay, click on Go to online payments

This take you to La Caixa click on the Pay now by where it says barcode number, follow the instructions giving your card details etc, you need to enter the barcode number at the bottom of your bill, BUT sometime Endesa forget to put the barcode on your bill so you are unable to pay online, you then send them an email asking how to pay and they reply eventually with no help at all.

If you have the barcode then it is straight forward once you get the hang of it.

Good Luck


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09 Feb 2011 13:39 by dianelewis Star rating. 4 posts Send private message

was thinking of moving to spain in september from northern cyprus looks to me you pay alot more in electricity than here and i thought this was expensive. average on large villa with pool is £100 per month higher in july aug. water is very cheap. may have to re think my idea. any ideas on prices on car tax.

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09 Feb 2011 13:46 by amep75 Star rating. 79 posts Send private message

 about 60eu but you really dont need car here public transport brill and cheap cant find parking space anywhere

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04 Sep 2011 18:56 by jed100n Star rating. 1 posts Send private message

Can anyone confirm if La Caixa are still taking payments with foreign (ie British) registered credit cards?

I can no longer seem to pay with mine although I used to be able to.

I spoke to Endesa directly and they said they believed La Caixa had stopped taking payments from foreign registered cards.



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04 Sep 2011 19:14 by guslopez Star rating in Lorca, Murcia.. 745 posts Send private message

Our bill is an average of 80€ a month. We've fridge, freezer, fridge-freezer, w/mc which goes a least once a day . air-con  but I only use that occasionally to reduce the humidity & the s/pool pump in the summer. the usual computers that are on  24/7 + I weld occasionally. On a supplied 3kw.

car tax varies according to the local council. Mine is 165€ .


Todos somos Lorca.

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01 Jan 2012 18:02 by yewsie Star rating. 1 posts Send private message

We have a gas hob and electric oven so we have bought a kettle for the gas hob to save using the electric kettle.    I think it is quicker than the electric.   You can buy kettles in most chinese shops.    The number of cups of coffee we have in a day means quite a saving.  We also use our gas bbq as an oven for cooking roasts, cakes etc.  Never use the electric oven now.   Our monthly bill is about 60 euros - 2 bed. townhouse near the coast - we live here full time.

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