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04 Jan 2011 00:00 by Valenciaboy Star rating in Turis, Valencia. 7 posts Send private message

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Following on from the recent feature in INVLC of Bacco D.O.C on Sunday night a couple of friends, who flew in from the UK and I went for the evening. I have to say that the wine and bread rolls, were fantastic, and that is where it ended! The menu was very hard to read with it's whimsical typeface, the manager even bought us a torch as the Restaurant was so dark, which we thus leant to the waiter, who also could not read the menu. Most of the staff were disinterested, especially when we didn't take up the offer of Campari or Martini offered before we sat down. I ordered a Muscle and clam soup, which was not fresh, as made evident by the leathery and tan handbags contained within. The sauce was described by my friend Mandy, who also enjoyed this soup as 'tasting like wet dog'. This joy cost €15, and was followed by a Tomato and Pasta arrangement at a cost of €19, and was best described as GCSE, year 1, and was presented on a massive plate, which was only half full! Simon enjoyed a €15 salad, rocket and shaved Parmasan only, with a 1/2 cooked (read raw) large Prawn. I will never return.

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13 Sep 2011 18:23 by kellyinvlc Star rating. 1 posts Send private message


I kept meaning to reply to this, but I don't think I did. 

I am a co-owner of inVLC with Sean and Andy. Whilst we do restaurant reviews, we have never reviewed Bacco, and all our reviews are independent, so we don't receive any money for our reviews, nor do we offer them as part of any advertising package. We also don't tell anyone that we are reviewing them until after we have had the meal, to ensure that the service isn't better because they want a good write up! 

Therefore I hope that you can read our reviews with faith that we never give a good review to anything we think is bad, and if we review it, its because we had an amazing time there!

You can check out where we have reviewed by checking the back copies on the issuu website. There were some great spots! And in the October/November issue we are hoping to cover my favourite restaurant in Valencia - so keep your eye out for it! 

Kind regards Kelly.  

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13 Sep 2011 18:35 by valenciaboy Star rating in Turis, Valencia. 7 posts Send private message

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Hi Kelly, I think the revue may of been in Britchat, prior to your take over, and I appologise for misleading anyone. It was also in 24/7Valencia, for sure.

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