We had a fantastic time in Costa Blanca

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31 Aug 2010 00:00 by JackieA Star rating in Maidstone. 3 posts Send private message

This was my first visit to Costa Blanca Spain and I must say it exceeded my (very low) expectations. My preconceived notion about Costa Blanca was rows of high-rise hotels, English restaurants and beaches crammed with “lobster” people and not a word of Spanish heard within miles. Why did I go? I was going with a group of friends and according to budget, travel time, weather etc Costa Blanca was the one that ticked all the boxes. I didn’t mind too much as it’s the company that makes or breaks a holiday ... and I enjoy my company... only kidding!! Two friends did the homework and looked for villas to rent. There were hundreds of sites that rent villas and millions of holiday villas to view. Finally we booked a lovely villa with Villa Spain and managed to get cheap flights to Spain via their site.

Our holiday in Spain finally arrived and we were greeted at Alicante with brilliant sunshine … so far so good!! The villa was very clean and well equipped and one of the best villas I have stayed in. The villa was a short distance to the beach in El Portet, which I preferred to Moraira or Calpe because it was smaller and had a fantastic bar/café right beside the beach where they served delicious Paella and house wine was very nice and reasonable. We had printed off the info from the website of Villa Spain, “Things to do” which enhanced our holiday. Four clueless women, well clueless on holiday in Costa Blanca, needed all the help we could get. Just to set the record straight we are not entirely clueless, just ask anybody ....... and obviously give them a few hours to think of something. We had bought a map (my idea) and a phrase book (again my idea, obviously the brains in the outfit). So we managed to go sightseeing to the many places of interest. We visited Guadalest, which was amazing. It really was like time stood still. Views were breathtaking and we had a lovely lunch at XORTA which was recommended by Villa Spain. Another visit was to Elche, Costa Blanca because we had read it was steeped in history with buildings dating from the 8th Century. We all were looking forward to being immersed in historic splendour …… o.k o.k, we actually went because it was the “Spanish footwear capital”…… Sigh …. Heaven!! We did see the historic buildings aswell, honest…. Erm… through the shoe shop window but we did see them. We all decided we would come back here one august to see the fiesta with fireworks. Our next visit was Benidorm, Costa Blanca, I know, I know, what was I thinking, Lobsterville!! But according to Villa Spain website there is a lot to see, so we decided Benidorm Palace with a meal and cabaret. It was like seeing a Vegas show. Never been but this is what they looked like in the old movies!! Had a wander around the old town beforehand and had a siesta on the beach after a few obligatory glasses of rioja …. When in rome!! Didn’t fancy the Medieval Tournament just outside Benidorm though, I don’t know but the thought of King Alejandro and the Round Table just didn’t do it for me!! (my version not theirs…… just incase their lawyers are reading my Blog!!) and while we contemplate the miniscule chances of anyone reading my Blog ( George Clooney … WILL YOU MARRY ME!!)

We also visited Calpe and climbed the rock. The views (attached photo) were amazing and the birds fly eye level when you get higher which was really weird. We didn’t get to the top as half way up we realised it’s lunchtime and with great disappointment and a heavy heart we descended to a local tapas bar for more rioja. It really was a great villa holiday in Spain and I’m glad my friends chose Costa Blanca. Always try new things, you just never know.

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31 Aug 2010 19:08 by wend691 Star rating in Lincoln & Rojales (C.... 179 posts Send private message

Hi Jackie

What a brilliant post! It sounds like alot was packed into your holiday and that you all had alot of fun. My place in the sun is south of Benidorm (about an hour away) and we sampled the delights of the place back in May for the first time. Didnt go to any shows though (my soul mate and I may need to try that on another visit).

We love Elche .... well, I do, with all those yummy shoe shops. My OH doesnt complain, bless him, and is quite happy to window shop. Not sure my wardrobe can cope with many more pairs of shoes so I try and refrain from purchasing the leather delights for my tootsies!!!!

Anyways, I digress ..... will you return to Costa Blanca again do you think for another hols??


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31 Aug 2010 19:24 by Flybynight Star rating. 60 posts Send private message

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Is your blog, which you obviously copied your great post from .. you mentioned it a couple of times also a photograph but didn't post that here  ...  for public reading, Jackie? You write very descriptively I would like to read more if I may.

Edited to say I have found your blog, I THOUGHT it may have something to do with VillaSpain, can't think why.  Is it a one off blogpost though or do you blog generally? I mean blogger.com or similar.

This message was last edited by Flybynight on 31/08/2010.

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18 Sep 2010 12:14 by JackieA Star rating in Maidstone. 3 posts Send private message

Hi Wend691,

You must go to a show in Benidorm, it was such fun, a little flouncy and maybe a touch cheesy but such fun. I think it is better with a few of you, its just that type of venue.  You are lucky with OH not complaining and "is quite happy window shopping"!!! Where did you pick that little gem up?? More importantly, has he got a brother ....lol!! 

Yes, I will definetly go back to Costa Blanca but would like to try other places first. I'm going to Barcelona with a friend in a couple of weeks so really looking forward to that. Take care.

Hi Flybynight,

I do believe in extoling the virtues of good service because I tend to go for recommendations, personal experiences etc whether I'm having my plumbing fixed or going on holiday etc etc. It was my first blog as Villaspain ask their clients to add to their Blog page. I got good feedback about it so with my confidence brimming I submitted the same to other sites. I will be be blogging about my Barcelona trip and if the hotel is great then i will be extoling their virtues too ...... does that make me "unfaithful" to Villaspain dear Flybynight!!!!

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18 Sep 2010 15:51 by wend691 Star rating in Lincoln & Rojales (C.... 179 posts Send private message

Hi Jackie

Afraid my soul mate is one of a kind lol and doesnt have any brothers!!  :-)

Valencia is a lovely place to visit. It reminded us of Paris in some ways. We travelled there for a day back in May and had a wonderful time exploring its sights. We intend to spend a couple of days there on another trip over to our place.

By the way, Maidstone is where my mum and brother live (just a couple of streets away from the Prison). I was brought up in West Malling and went to Maidstone Girls Grammar school.

Im sure you will have a fantastic trip to Barcelona. Not been there myself but have friends who have visited the city




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18 Sep 2010 23:32 by Tumbit Star rating in Costa Blanca. 71 posts Send private message

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Hey, voice your opinion - people will either read your post or they won't, if they do that's great - if they don't that's their loss. You will always attract critisism from some, I think the trick is to choose which you take to heart and which you ignore.

Just one constructive tip - get yourself a 'Blog' account on here, and submit your content there instead of in the general forums, as that's where visitors genarlly expect to read a review/ experience like this.

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22 Sep 2010 13:00 by JackieA Star rating in Maidstone. 3 posts Send private message

Thanks Tumbit, I really appreciate the advice.  I will have to learn that trick.

When i get back from Barcelona next week i will take your advice and set up a Blog account.

Thanks again. Take care.


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22 Sep 2010 15:15 by suemac Star rating in Jumilla, Murcia. 1001 posts Send private message

Hi Jackie

I'm looking forward to reading your blog about Barcelona.  We have been there a couple of times, and like many cities it's not cheap if you eat in the main tourist areas such as Las Ramblas, but if you take a side street you will find somewhere equally nice but cheaper just a short distance away!

If you google Costa Brava Magazine and have a look at the English version of this month's magazine, it is all about Barcelona, with some good links.  The article about travelling from Paris to Barcelona by train was written by me, and I was pleased that they used some of my photos for the article (apart from the top one).

Enjoy yourselves (I am sure you will!)



 Sue Walker

Author of "Retiring the Ole Way", now available on Amazon

See my blog about our life in Spain: www.spainuncovered.com

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19 Oct 2010 13:27 by MrSteven Star rating. 20 posts Send private message

 Hi To everyone,

   Cost Blanca is really a beautifull place. I've been there for a vacation and it's really a great experience and a great place.

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