Speeding fine - how do I pay??

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29 Aug 2010 00:00 by mattinglys Star rating. 1 posts Send private message


Can anyone help me.  I've just received through the post a speeding fine for when I was on holiday in Menorca back in June.  It's taken almost 3 months for the fine to get to me and is for 300.00 Euros!  The fine is all in Spanish, apart from a small box which gives information on payment of the fine in English.  I've gone onto the website which it says to go to, but from looking at other forums I don't think I can pay online unless I'm a spanish resident and have an NIE number.  Other forums have said that the phone number doesn't ever get answered or if it does no one speaks English.  I've tried using the 'Contact' button on their website but this is also unavailable.  I'm worried that if we don't pay (and it's not so much that I don't want to, more that I haven't got a clue how to), then either further proceedings will be issued and we'll be summoned to court in Spain (worst case) or that if we do go to Spain again we'll either have trouble entering the country or hiring a car, or that the fine will have grown and will be huge.

Can anyone offer any help?


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29 Aug 2010 15:30 by richard4848uk Star rating. 45 posts Send private message


I think if you do a search on here you will find a thread on how to pay your fine.

As far as I can remember you can do it all online.

If you cant find instructions how to do it in English use Google Chrome & it will translate the whole website


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29 Aug 2010 15:39 by richard4848uk Star rating. 45 posts Send private message

Found it for you.......


Post by myra cecilia.......



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29 Aug 2010 15:44 by Goldie Star rating. 154 posts Send private message

If you hired a car I would check with them first to see if there was a fine outstanding  when you used the car, the reason I say this there are scams about?

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29 Aug 2010 19:52 by minerva_uk Star rating. 11 posts Send private message


Hello I was trying to give you a link which should answer your question(s) but the forum isn't allowing me to post the link.

you can search on google with this " how to pay spanish driving fine from uk? " 

Then click on the first result posted in mamunahmed dot c0m

Hope it will help !


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30 Aug 2010 09:38 by TechNoApe Star rating in Duquesa, Manilva. 1278 posts Send private message

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I agree with Goldie,

First double check that you were in possession of the car during the time stated on the ticket.

On the ticket it will say something like fecha de expedición (date of issue), fecha de sanción (date of penalty), fecha del delito (date of the offense) or fecha de la multa (date of fine). In any case look for the word 'fecha' (date) and make sure that the date of the actual offence occurs during your actual rental period, to the minute.

If you are libel to pay the fine, then you won't be stopped from entering the country or even hiring another car.

As for paying the fine, you can pay the fine at the post office in Spain(Correos) or you can use the link in richard4848uk post below to the DGT website (Direccion General de Trafico) which is the official govenrment department dealing with Traffic Violations.

However, before you do that, take a look a the link minerva_uk was trying to post below, it is here at How to pay Spanish Speeding or Driving fine from the UK as it has quite a lot of useful information, although I would verify the telephone number first!


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30 Aug 2010 10:55 by mobailey Star rating in San Cayetano. 461 posts Send private message

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I think the other replies have covered the paying of the fine,as for the fine increasing the original was 200€ plus 100€ for not telling them who was driving but since you did not receive it for quite some time you would not have been able to tell them I don't think there is much you can do about that,however the fine will increase by 100€ a month until it is paid so it is in your interest to try and pay as soon as possible. Over here you can pay in the post office but I know that does not help you.


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30 Aug 2010 12:02 by minerva_uk Star rating. 11 posts Send private message


I agree with TechNoApe.  

You should make sure if it is a genuine fine. You can easily do that by ringing your car hire company. Also if you ring to the DGT office just explained that you never received the letters on time. 

Thanks for posting the link TechNoApe. 



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30 Aug 2010 12:47 by Sanchez1 Star rating. 853 posts Send private message

I would be tempted to just ignore it.  If it is a hire car, do the hire car company not pay the fine then take the money from your credit card?


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30 Aug 2010 13:04 by mobailey Star rating in San Cayetano. 461 posts Send private message

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The following was copied from google hope this help

If you receive a speeding ticket, then the penalty is against you and not the car you are driving. Your personal driver's license is involved. The police do check the plates to ensure everything is in check, but it is you who has to pay the penalty and not the car rental company. In fact, the car rental company may not be notified that such a citation occurred in one of their cars. The only way is if something happens you do not pay your fine. If the car rental company has to get involved in that case, then you can expect some kind of additional cost.


There are no exceptions to parking tickets, but the one exception regarding a speeding ticket being against you and not the car is in the case you are caught speeding on camera. If the camera catches you speeding, the authorities use the license plate number to find out where to send the ticket. The rental car company gets the ticket. They may pay it, but will pass the cost and a fee on to you for taking care of it. Yes, it is good to be careful, but it is also good to know how you can be ticketed in a rental car just in case it happens to you.

If you have receivied a ticket at home this must have been forwarded to you by the car rental company if you were caught on camera which you must have been because if you were stopped for speeding the fine would have been issued there and then.


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