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29 Nov 2015 22:14:

cjb123456 - the original post was made in 2009.

Thread: Buying a bar in Fuengirola, Money paid to agent/solicitor but they have both disappeared

17 May 2015 17:28:

Frustrating as it may seem, if these are the regs then those of us with property in Spain (whether we live in the property full time or use as a holiday home) need to abide by the rules. Hubby and I have some medium term plans for improving our property and will be applying for the necessary authorisation / documents. We dont want to be in a position later on if we are trying to sell to find out that X, Y and Z paperwork isnt in place. My understanding from others is that it wouldnt be possible to sell without the required licences.

I would be interested to know if this is correct.....  ????


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Thread: planning permission ?

28 Jan 2015 18:36:

I agree with you Bobaol - why cant productions not just cover the bad, but also the good stories as well? There are, I am sure, significant numbers of people returning (or planning on returning to) UK for a variety of reasons, but what about the good news stories too?

I know from our local area in Spain that the people we have contact with are very happy and have no intention of returning to UK (both retired and younger working people - [good if people can get and keep work in these difficult times])........

About time for some uplifting stories methinks!!!   :-)

Thread: TV Opportunity

08 Dec 2014 18:04:

In the interests of openness, I 'liked' your comments Tadd  :-)

Thread: Polish in Spain

08 Dec 2014 18:02:

I wondered the same as you, Susan, that perhaps the people contributing alot to the site have either moved on to other sites, moved back to UK (and perhaps this site doesn't provide the answers they wanted to questions) or moved on with their lives in Spain (ie enjoying their lives and not finding any benefit from this site).

In the past, I found the unnecessary comments / arguing quite offputting - especially some of the negativity directed at individuals. It certainly put me off from contributing.

It seems to me the daily threads have reduced, as have the blogs.

Having said all this, I still check the site out as there are at times useful answers to questions raised.

Edited to also note that the new 'articles' are practically  non existent now, which is a shame

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Thread: Does anyone else find the "Eye on Spain" amatuerish and boring.Is it fit for 2015?


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