Mosquitoes in Iznajar

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17 Aug 2010 12:00 AM by a-mac Star rating. 10 posts Send private message


I usually holiday in the Costa Blanca and the mosquito torment is reduced by screens on the villa windows and plug-ins.  I'm the one they like to bite but it's not been too bad in the past few years.

However, this year we are going inland and staying close to the lake at Iznajar.  All that fresh water makes me think 'breeding grounds' and 'bugs'.  A friend has recently returned from inland Italy and said the mossies were 100% worse inland than on the coast.  Is it the same in Spain?

If there's anyone in this forum who lives in Cordoba region, and in particular close to the lake at Iznajar, can you let me know what to expect in September in terms of biting bugs?

I've also started a thread re a Spanish soap, so if you can help on that one, take a look!


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17 Aug 2010 5:22 PM by kev2006n Star rating in Sussex and Playa Fla.... 343 posts Send private message

 Try  taking Vitamin B complex tablets a week before you go and they should leave you alone. We do not use plug ins, have no nets and don't seem to get bitten any more. Good luck. Kevin

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17 Aug 2010 6:28 PM by connas007 Star rating. 43 posts Send private message

hi we visited playa flamenca in july/august i took vitamin b for three months prior to going but i still seemed to be the main target in spain for all mozzies until i bought carrefour's own brand of shower gel with aloe vera cant remember the exact details on the bottle but it was green and the whole second week i was untouched whist using this i still used plug ins and spray but i put it down to the shower gel.

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17 Aug 2010 8:22 PM by claire T Star rating in Torremendo, Orihuela. 689 posts Send private message

EOS Supporter

I always use Avon Skin So Soft dry oil body spray - Soft & Fresh.  It smells lovely and also keeps your skin moisturised after a hard day in the sun.  I sell the stuff so may be accused of bias, but I do use it myself and have a customer who sends it off to their son in Afghanistan.  I'm also told that the troops use it in Iraq.



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18 Aug 2010 10:45 AM by a-mac Star rating. 10 posts Send private message

Thanks for the product and prevention suggestions.  If someone can tell me what the actual mossie activity is in this area, however, it would help me be prepared, regardless of the product I use.

If you live there, or holiday there, you will know if there's mossie infestation in an inland-close-to-a-lake-area in Spain in September, or if it's dying down by then.  Comments anyone?

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19 Aug 2010 11:40 AM by miket Star rating in La Mairena, Elviria. 372 posts Send private message

I've been using Vitamin B every day  for a couple of months now but still getting bitten regularly!!

The Mossies are much larger this year after all the Winters rainfall,  they appear to be around in greater numbers and some of the bites are quite nasty!

Inside our property we open the windows in the evening and switch on the Plug Ins with the lights out for 20 minutes. Any Mossies disappear quickly and then close all windows. We also use Nets on the windows we like to leave open during the night.

We also use mosquito sprays that contain "Veet" that work most of the time!!

Will also try the Shower Gel and Avon cream mentioned by Connas and Claire thanks, in fact I'll try anything once!!!


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Mike T

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19 Aug 2010 1:44 PM by Sanchez1 Star rating. 853 posts Send private message

Vitamin B complex works for me.  I still get the odd bite, but they don't come up in big itchy blotches.


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20 Aug 2010 12:23 AM by maylin Star rating in Andalucia and Hertfo.... 71 posts Send private message

Hi a-mac,

                I think you are asking what the mossie situation is like at Iznajar rather than remedies for prevention.

I have been there and I have friends who live in the area. All I can say is that Iznajar is a reservoir rather than a stagnant lake. I do not think mossies are a problem, any more than other areas in Spain.

By all means use all the preventative measures recommended, you will be fine.

Have a really great time.

Kind Regards


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20 Aug 2010 11:09 AM by a-mac Star rating. 10 posts Send private message

Thanks Mick.  That's just what I was after!

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