What do we do with unwanted furniture??

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20 Apr 2007 00:00 by JPD Star rating in Hull, East Yorkshire.... 391 posts Send private message

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Hi all, can anyone help please? We have bought a house fully furnished, but some of the furniture  is not to our taste. What do we do with it? We have got new furniture coming on Wed, so dont know what to do with Table/chairs, dresser, double bed and single bed and bedside tables etc. Its only 1year old but just not modern enough for us. Someone said, put it next to green bins in street.......it will be gone in no time. Seems a shame but.... are there houshold tips etc??? Urgent help needed !! go out on Monday, wont have internet access out there !

The furniture we are getting we ordered for an off plan apartment in Almoradi, which was supposed to be ready last year.........I know I know how foolish we were, but there you go , we learn from our mistakes eh?

Any advise much apreciated, as always,

thanks in anticipation

John and Trish x

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20 Apr 2007 23:37 by JeansSis Star rating. 2376 posts Send private message

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21 Apr 2007 15:51 by Rose1 Star rating in El Pilar, Estepona. 78 posts Send private message

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Hi John and Trish

We were in a similar situation when we bought our furnished house last summer. I found that when I put furniture or electrical items out by the bins they disappeared within about 10 minutes! We've recently had a new kitchen fitted and put the old units and domestic appliances in a skip outside the house. Now in England the neighbours tend to put their rubbish into other people's skips when they think no-one's looking. Here, people take stuff out. Almost every item was removed from ours overnight! One of our neighbours has built himself a house for €12,000 by salvaging discarded window frames, doors, kitchen units, etc. and I suspect he was the one helping himself to our unwanted furniture.

My suggestion would be to put one or two small items out and see if anyone takes the bait, rather than dumping the whole lot at once and risking getting into trouble. It's good to recycle.

Good luck with your move.


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21 Apr 2007 16:24 by Roberto Star rating in Torremolinos. 4495 posts Send private message

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Why not contact any of the various charities, especailly the animal refuges, who advertise in the English press? You may find they will be happy to collect, and anything they can't use themselves they may be able to sell through their shops or market stalls, thus serving a worthy cause.

If you decide it's easier to dump it all by the bins, as others have pointed out, it will almost certainly disappear quickly, but if you want to be on the safe side and ensure you don't get into trouble, check with the council first, they will tell you which day they collect furniture/larger items etc & when you should put it out. Most councils only allow you to dump after 8pm.



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21 Apr 2007 16:43 by JeansSis Star rating. 2376 posts Send private message

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22 Apr 2007 11:19 by mb290100 Star rating. 1 posts Send private message


give me a call when you are over, I can buy the old furniture pack off you if in good condition. My number is 607159444.





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23 Apr 2007 10:02 by JPD Star rating in Hull, East Yorkshire.... 391 posts Send private message

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Hi all, thanks for all the replies. Have got a couple of numbers to ring when we get there, so hopefully it will all go to a new home, seems a shame to just dump it as its only just over a year old. The people who we bought the house from still live in Playa Flamenca, so I would hate for them to be passing and see their well cared for funiture thrown out in the street!!

Anyway, thanks again all, we are ready for off now, so will speak soon

John and Trish

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07 May 2007 21:43 by JPD Star rating in Hull, East Yorkshire.... 391 posts Send private message

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Hi all, well back from sunny Spain again. When we got into our house in Playa Flamenca, we had a better chance to have a good look at the furniture and to be honest it was in such good condition, and it really went with the decor, flooring etc, we decided to keep it. It is really good quality stuff!  We had to stop the new furniture being delivered on Wednesday and they are kindly keeping it storage again, until the apartment we origionally orderered it for, in Almoradi, is finished!! Huh, and when that will be is anyones guess!

We saw first hand how quick things disapear if you leave it near the green bins!!! Things we did leave out were gone in an hour! The only thing that took 3 to 4 hrs was a computer desk, which was a bit wobbly!! On many occasions we saw people leaving things near bins as we went for a bite to eat, on our way back they were gone! Good way to recycle!


John and Trish

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07 May 2007 22:49 by Patty_1 Star rating in Hertfordshire. UK. .... 1062 posts Send private message

Hi we went to a few auctions in Benimar and their is a large one in I think it is Quesada The country club where they sell almost anything.  If you cannot get it their and have pictures you can get people coming up to you and asking price, their was people their with bunk beds and bicycles and allsorts.  I bought a couple of things hairdryer, lovely silk sheets and pillowcases someone had bought over from England everything I bought was brand new.  So this another  is another option for you, It seems many people move over to Spain with their belongings and when they get their realise they do not fit in. Which is good for us who are just starting off.  Hope this helps Regards Pat   



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