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20 Jul 2007 12:54:

What a pleasant evening! Thanks for your company, everybody. 
We have been unable to attend on previous occasions because the meetings have been arranged on school nights and would have interfered with tea time and homework commitments, so it was great to put some faces to the names at last. Tessa enjoyed herself tremendously and was in her element with the little ones (they're gorgeous!). Hopefully we'll be abe to arrange to get together again soon so you parents can have some "grown-up" time while you're here.
Justin, you are a star and should be very proud of what you have created. You and Susan are a delightful couple and we can't wait to meet the twins!
Best wishes and happy holidays to you all

Thread: Anyone fancy meeting up in Duquesa on 19th of July?

16 Jul 2007 15:51:

I've been looking around for contents insurance and have been told that generally the Spanish do not purchase accidental damage cover in the way the British do, which makes the cost substantially lower. So whilst you would be covered if someone fell into your coffee table and broke it, you would not be able to claim for the old classic - a carpet ruined when a pot of paint was dropped on it, or a cigarette burn in your sofa. It would be seen as negligence. You can purchase cover with accidental damage from the British companies here, such as Abbeygate Insurance.

I didn't know about the kitchens and bathrooms coming under contents, so thanks for that, Jeans Sis. It makes sense when you look at the stuff that often gets removed from a property here when it changes hands!

Hope this helps



12 Jul 2007 23:48:

Hi everyone

This is a great forum. There are many members who grace us with their wit, intelligence, eloquence, benevolence and sense of fun (Janice being one of them). Some can obviously type almost as fast as they think and post spontaneous remarks which perhaps they later decide were ill-judged. I look at this forum almost every day and find it entertaining and informative, and wish I had the confidence to join a bit more. There must be hundreds more like me.  

Please could those with the outgoing, strong personalities who make this forum so excellent put these past wrangles behind them and start afresh on a positive note? Is this too much to ask? Personal comments (in any context) can be hurtful and offensive, and I'm sure no-one ever intends to deliberately upset other members but it's easily done.

There's too much real sh*t going on in the world.

Rant over - good night all

Thread: Sally Morgan masquerading as Inez, I mean Rixxy, I mean Inez !?!?!

16 Jun 2007 12:56:

Hi Barbarah

My car needed its ITV when it was 3 years old as it was bought from a rental company. If yours is also an ex-hire car it will need to be tested; otherwise it's after 4 years as Roberto says.

Best wishes


Thread: When do I need an ITV?

07 Jun 2007 20:47:

Time to resurrect this thread!

I know it takes away some of the spontaneity but, as the title suggests, those of you who want flirtatious interaction can really "go for it" in here.

Justin, may I suggest a new rule: "Decorum on the Forum"?


Thread: The Smiley & Rixxy (& friends) outlet, go for it .. in here guys.


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