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02 Apr 2010 00:00 by anthomo16 Star rating. 96 posts Send private message

I am soooooo confused and really do need some help here, please.

My husband has just taken on the presidency of a small community, this community is 9 years old, the builder opted out long ago; we have no habitational licence and have spoken to the town Hall applying for one, however we must  comply with certain conditions like spending €40.000.00 on making parking bays outside our community

Some angry owners say it is the builders problem but he is long gone. So at the next AGM we want to get every owners attention and vote on this. We have 40 owners and approx only 10 attend the AGM with probably 15 proxies. I would like to know whether the proxy receiver needs to be advised by the proxy donor in advance how to direct that proxy on a particular issue.

I am unhappy about the concept of proxies being considered almost as block votes and one or two owners have complained  about this situation although ironically they themselves have acquired proxies and used them in this way. Probably the majority of owners would like the application for the habitational licence to proceed and finance it but given the complexity and cost of this issue we would like a fair and democratic vote. 

So, please, how best to go about this.



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02 Apr 2010 12:25 by Reliant Robin Star rating in Alhaurin Golf, CDS. 19 posts Send private message

Hi Mo

I have seen on other entries regarding Community voting that some Communities when setting the AGM agenda give owners the option to vote on an item.  You are a bit stuck if items come up under anyother business.  This gets away from the old proxy vote problem where anyone who has someones proxy can block vote how they like and not how the owner may vote.  Personally I don't like the proxy system as it can be open to abuse.  You can always put the proposal out to all owners for them to vote on and include a no reply will be seen as in favour of the proposal.  We did this in our Community when setting up a Community satellite system and it worked.  In the case of your habitational licence problem you may need to have an EGM but still give owners the option to vote in favour of your proposals.  Your administrator will be able to advise you on this.  Good luck



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02 Apr 2010 14:56 by anthomo16 Star rating. 96 posts Send private message

many thanks for coming back to me, very helpful and much appreciated.



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