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09 Feb 2014 22:23:

I have had the same problem and rang Lloyds on Friday.  The helpful spanish operator has had the same problem.  Sabadell ask for a four digit code as well as your usual login.  The four digits are the first four digits of your original six digit code you already use.  The activate button still does not show on the Lloyds page so I used the link below. 

1. Click on the link BS Online and use your usual Lloyds login with just the first 4 numbers of your pin number and this takes you to the activate page.

2. Complete the sections with Foreign number, unless you have spanish one, and your email address.  Further down there is a box for your card number and a further box for the code on the back of your card. To enter this number you use a keypad on the right of the screen to enter.

Bingo now to see if I have won one of 5 Ipad Minis.cool

Hope this helps.


Thread: Lloyds Bank International changing to Banco Sabadell - Distance Banking

05 Sep 2012 17:46:

All flights from November 2012 will have allocated seating.  More money to add to the flights but to be honest for a short flight we will not be paying for the posh seats.  Shame that the rugby scrum at boarding will stop.  It is so funny watching people trying get in a good position to get on first if they are not Easyjet plus card holders or have paid for Easy boarding.  Looking forward to our first flight under the new system to see how it goes.  Below are the prices from their website.

There are three price bands (per seat per flight):

  • £12 for Extra legroom seats
  • £8 for Up Front seats
  • £3 for any other seat


On our Airbus A319 aircraft Extra Legroom and Up Front seats are located in rows 1, 10 and 11, and rows 2 to 5 respectively. On our larger Airbus A320 aircraft Extra Legroom and Up Front seats are located in rows 1, 12 and 13, and rows 2 to 6 respectively. To help you choose where you would like to sit you can view the seat plan for both our aircraft types.

Thread: Easyjet introduce allocated seating

25 Apr 2012 14:31:

I have mentioned before in a post about our delay of 22 hours for our flight from Malaga to Nottingham East Midlands on Friday 13 August 2010.  After writing to the Managing Director, Julian Carr, BMI Baby stataed we were not entitled to compensation.  Due to this reply I took my complaint to the Spanish authories, AESA in April 2011.  My claim was under Article 7, Regulation (EU) 261/2004 where the airline have to provide compensation for the delay we had.  What made it worse was that they left a full flight in Malaga airport all night and did not provide accomodation.  AESA wrote to BMII Baby on 12 April 2011 requesting a report from them.  It was no surprise to discover that as of 26 March 2012 they had not replied to the authorities in Spain.  Accordingly AESA wrote to me stating that the carrier had failed to provide evidence of extraordinary circumstances for the delay, a defence to paying the compensation, and accordingly should pay to each passenger 400 euros as the distance was over 1500 kms.  In our case 1600 euros being a party of four.  A copy of this letter from AESA was also sent to BMI Baby at the start of this month.

Needless to say I have not and will not fly BMI Baby ever again. 

After a long battle, but to be honest not that hard once I knew who to write to, BMI Baby have settled with a cheque for £1308.81.  I am aware of at least one member on the site who was on the same flight.  If there is anyone else who was on this flight who I might be able to help then pm me.  There is no excuse for poor customer service especially when the law is on your side.     

Thread: BMI BABY FLIGHT WW5328 13.8.2010

10 Apr 2012 19:13:

I would watch out with BMI Baby.  In August 2010 they left a full flight at Malaga airport all night and a total delay of 22 hours.  When trying to claim compensation, having written to the MD, they declined.  After complaint to the Spanish authorities they say they should pay comensation of 400 euros each under Regulation EU 261/2004 but I doubt whether that will happen.  In fact after nearly a year they didn't even reply to the Spanish equivalent of our CAA.  Had an overnight delay with Jet 2 at Malaga and they couldn't do enough for us.  Also had a three day delay with Easyjet, due to the snow, and couldn't fault them.  They both put us up in hotels on half board.  Would NEVER fly with BMI Baby again after this experience.  Easyjet for us.

Easyjet are trialing a seat allocation on some flights at the moment so all being well this will come in on all flights reducing the problem.  They are also trialing two pieces of hand luggage as well.  At least they are looking at makig the whole experience pleasant.

Thread: Don't you just love them. Never a day.

27 Jul 2011 14:00:

Dear Gym

As Poppyseed has said if you are a debtor you can attend, discuss but not vote at an AGM or EGM.  If someone owns 50 properties they only get one vote as well.  I believe that you can have a President who is a debtor, though if someone knows different I will stand corrected.  This is the crazy thing about the HPA.  I suppose the Community could always add to their statutes that the President cannot be a debtor.

Thread: AGM voting rights


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