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15 Jul 2011 00:00 by del007 Star rating. 274 forum posts Send private message

15 Jul 2011 13:04 by scapa Star rating in Beds, England & Jard.... 880 forum posts Send private message

15 Jul 2011 16:29 by Hamibabe Star rating in West Mids. 1317 forum posts Send private message


We are still members of the 3/4`s full brigade if there is such a thing but I`m not going to get  excited by this. I had read same article yesterday,until there is  movement ie bulldozers or something on site to show that things are happening.. Fingers crossed it will happen as reported

Jan & Ham xx


West Mids & Jardin 5

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16 Jul 2011 22:46 by b.bravo Star rating. 45 forum posts Send private message

 I'm in the "full" glass brigade......

I hope this is correct....found it in a local newspaper from Costa Blanca.

Paramount's giant park could open a year early
Investors stand in line, and the government gives green light for construction.

Thursday, 14.7.2011 at. 11.07

  MURCIA In February 2012, works starts to build the largest theme park in Spain, and the second largest in Europe, to boot.

The idea was that Paramount's new park would be ready in 2015, but after that the authorities in Murcia, and especially the owners of the park says, it can be completed early in the course of two years. That means in 2014.

Paramount Park will cost one billion euros
Covering an area equivalent to 109 football fields

At the same time the new airport in Murcia, which is just a 20 minute drive from the park to open in spring 2012. In addition, the new high-speed train service to be finished until Murcia in 2014. Everything is thus made ​​for Paramount.

Spain's largest theme park will likely lead to increased interest in the Murcia region and is driving prices in the housing market - at least in areas located near the giant.

Paramount Park will be located in Alhama de Murcia, and will cost one billion euros to complete.

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17 Jul 2011 04:12 by MEJAZI10 Star rating in OBAN SCOTLAND AND NA.... 236 forum posts Send private message

does anyone think this might happen ??????


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17 Jul 2011 11:28 by Faulky444 Star rating in Rossendale, Lancashi.... 399 forum posts Send private message

It will happen if the current economic melt down in the Euro zone doesn´t put off the necessary foreign investors. Let´s hope the Euro stays in tact long enough to get the contracts signed on both Paramount and the AVE train.  I am no authority on macro economics but I can´t see Arabian, Chinese and Russian business people who need to convert their currency and circulate it elswhere, viewing an old Spanish currency as a good place to invest.



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17 Jul 2011 12:01 by dakey Star rating in Manchester(Miggleton.... 2607 forum posts Send private message


I think if the currency was tablets of stone, as long as an invester can see a long term profit on the investment, I hope it wont matter what they have to convert to, lets face it anything would be better then the Euro 'basket case'. Even the Germans are having second thoughts on it.


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17 Jul 2011 13:27 by SMV Star rating in I'm in Dublin/Jardin.... 722 forum posts Send private message

Just a thought but if these investors are coming from an area with a stable currency its possible that their investment has got about 15%+ cheaper over the past 6 months.

I think the chinese might be a good bet (no inside knowledge at all) considering they are already pumping money into the area.  I'm assuming the Lorca investment is still going ahead.

We'll know in 6-9 months one way or the other.  At least the airport and rail aren't dependent on the Theme Park!!

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17 Jul 2011 13:32 by BFR Star rating. 217 forum posts Send private message

At the end of the day it doesn't matter what we say or think on this topic.

There are positive noises coming out of the powers that be so all we can do is sit back and keep our fingers crosses that it comes off.

We are not privy to any info and it's all speculation so as SMV says in 6 - 9 months we will know.




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12 Aug 2011 10:22 by Cappielow Star rating in Sunny Greenock, Brus.... 471 forum posts Send private message

Cappielow´s avatar

More updates......

Things seeem to be on track. My opinion on the likelyhood of this actually happening is slowly moving from 'neutral' to 'cautiously optimistic'.


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12 Aug 2011 15:26 by Daniels Star rating in Waterlooville & Pent.... 220 forum posts Send private message

Same old, same old........ nothing new, potential land purchase, presentation in Sept Oct 2011 to raise money. Same blurb in different words to keep it in public's mind.

Please don't get me wrong I really want Paramount to happen but the same records has been played since Feb when presentation with final plans were to be made public in March this year. Hey hoy, one never knows????

May be tomorrow.......... Always better today!!

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