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21 Jun 2010 3:05 PM:


There would be a very small minority who make the trip to the pub for only a small glass of beer for health reasons.  Even what an average person would see as drinking in moderation would be regarded as excessive and unhealthy by the health experts.  But we all make our own choices.

Anyway I'm not defending smoking, as far as I'm concerned they should ban it if the health reports support this.

It just seems to be a favourite pasttime of many to bash the smokers...









Thread: Smoking ban delayed?

21 Jun 2010 10:26 AM:

Just love reading these "smoking" threads where all the righteous non smokers come out to bash the evil smokers.  I agree there are health issues and  I am also right behind the ban in pubs.

What I find ironic and slightly hypocritical is people harping on about the health issues of passive smoking that might affect bar patrons as they knock back 10 pints of lager, while not having any issues with the level of drinking going on.

As long as its legal it is a freedom of choice...unlike being drunk and disorderly or serving drunk patrons which I believe is illegal in a lot of countries.

Again I'm all for the ban as I only have the odd smoke so it won't affect me and I much prefer a bar without all the smoke.





Thread: Smoking ban delayed?


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