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13 Aug 2012 06:46:

I live in Saudi Arabia and visit the UK and Spain (more time in Spain than UK) and use EOS to catch up on Spanish news, to find out what's going on, whats happening and happened. Not to read rubbish about who did what to the country 20, 30, 40 years ago.

I find it hard to understand the hard done by generation, this generation will be even more hard done by if they don't get off their ar*es and get on with making a living and something of their lives. The Eastern Europeans are in the UK finding work and making a go of it because they want to work.

The hard done by's will be much worse off in years to come. They need to get real and get on with life. Every generation, past present and future has had and will have tough times, it's what life is all about. Make the best of what you have. Live your life; we're only here for a short while make the most of it.

Just my opinion


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Thread: Yet another thread hijacked by the "hard done by" generation!!!

12 Aug 2012 00:04:


Yes if I could I would live in Spain, but must work to pay mortgage.

Having just read this thread I am suprise and some of the comments made about the baby boomers. I am one and also one of seven children, parents worked hard (no sick pay or holiday pay then - no work no money) to move from council home. Had normal schooling, college. Worked since 12 years old, paper round, helped on milk round, stacked shelves, worked on building site - onwards and upwards, never been unemployed in 37 yrs. I do what I have to do and go where I have to go to earn a living. Nobody has given me anything, whatever I have I have earned. It seems today work comes second, now everyone what's a degree....... most leaving school when I left never went to university as it had to be paid for, normally by the parents. We got jobs and worked our way up.

My father gave me peice of advice......... work hard, harder and longer than the person working alongside you. First you will get noticed and secondly if things get bad you won't be the first to go.

Get rid of the handouts, something for nothing. If finacial help is needed and the social helps out... then contibute by working for the money..... nothing for nothing. The Eastern Europeans seem find work in the UK, why can't the British.

it's a tough life - get on with it. Love Spain by the way!!

Thread: BE HONEST...Would you stay in Spain if it wasn't for the weather?

11 Aug 2012 09:03:


I live in the Middle East and visit the Mazarron at least 4 times a year (I own an apartment in the area) and do not agree with your view on Dubai or Mazarron.

Dubai might be great in the 5 and 6 star hotels and new shopping malls, but step outside of that zone and you will see the real Dubai. If you're not the right colour you will be left in the street after an accident. The build quality as said previously is appalling, some of the high rise have to use tape to stop the glass from rattling and keep the dust out. Look 500 yards off the beaten track and see a very different Dubai.

As for Mazarron, I love the place, haven't noticed the sea of waste in the last 4 years. The bay at Bolnuevo is renowned for scuba diving; many of the beaches are packed tight with family groups all having a great time. The Puerto de Mazarron is a fantastic place to eat and walk around, chill out. I don't remember seeing gum, cigarette ends everywhere in May, June or July but will keep an eye out in Oct. Yes they do eat sunflower seeds and leave the cases on the floor, could be a culture thing.

Would rather be in Spain than anywhere else. Just my opinion


Thread: Problems with living in Spain

11 Jun 2012 19:53:


Having problems transfering money? I went into bank and got information there.

The the account, swift and iban number changed. I have since transfered money without any problems. I guess you can do it over the phone but not sure if thing would get lost in translation.

Good luck.

Thread: Bancaja merger with Bankia....the customer´s nightmare

08 Jun 2012 13:27:

Where else are your friends thinking of going? Greece, Italy, Ireland, Germany, France, any of the EU countries are all in the same boat with huge cut backs, and rising unemployment everywhere. Maybe America? Been in the S**t the longest and maybe just starting to come out of it now. Far East? slow down in their economy, cut backs happening here too. Middle East - pick the right spot like Dubai you might be onto a winner in 5* - 6* accommodation, although you're only ever a few hundred yards from real poverty. Australia? that has it's moments and areas!

For me, Spain is a great place, I only visit 4 - 5 times a year but always felt safe 99.9% of the time (wondered off the betten track in city centre-nothing happened-just felt very wrong). Murcia, Mazarron area. There are good and bad people and areas in all countires, you pay your money and take your chance.

I hope you all go to Spain, helping their economy while having a great holiday.

Thread: How Are Things in Your Area?


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