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09 Jun 2012 10:36:

Family, if you have some you will miss them. That's the only reason I wouldn't move to Spain as all the other aspects of life in Spain far outweigh remaining in the UK. The climate on it's own is a good enough excuse. If you also have health issues or potential health issues then Spain might be expensive and difficult to get appropriate care if you don't speak Spanish. Two biggies for me and is why I split my time between the UK and sunny Espania. Jon Faulkner

Thread: moving to spain

23 Oct 2011 10:54:

One of things people said to us and we even thought it too was - 'Do you want to always go to the same place time after time?' Got to say that has been the biggest advantage to owning a place in Spain. As you get older you really don't want the hassle and uncertainty of not knowing what you are going to get when you arrive.

Strange little things like your own pillows, bedding, personal items start to mean a lot and when you really get to know an area it is much better. Nice to be able to meet and bump into people that you know and are neighbours with - just like at home.

I can get door to door in 4.5 hours - quicker than going to Cornwall which is where we used to go.

We moved in three years ago at the top of the price rise - probably would'nt get as much for our place now as we paid for it but we really bought it as a house rather than an investment. Having said that you really get what you pay for and the good stuff still and will always fetch good money. Watch what  you can buy cheap as it is cheap usually for a reason.

Have a look at the Mazzaron / Alhama area in the Costa Calida. This place will really take off if the Euro survives and the proposed major investments in leisure and transport actually are delivered.

Jon Faulkner



Thread: Are you glad you bought your holiday home.....or do you regret it?

21 Mar 2009 09:48:

Does anyone know for sure that Villa Pac have gone out of business? I did use them but had to pay an extra £425 to get my furniture out of their warehouse and consider myself lucky to have recovered my property before it could have been seized resulting in a total loss to me.

I do think they are still selling to clients in the UK and if true that must be against British trading standards legislation. I am about to make contact with the TS office in Bolton as I feel obligated to stop sharp trading methods to unsuspecting clients.

Any attempts to contact now seems to be falling on deal ears. No phone responses or emails.

Jon Faulkner.

Thread: How do you get your money back rom Villapac?


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