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23 Dec 2014 18:02:

Though a few days early

We would like to send all on Condado our best wishes for Christmas & the New year.

For those of you who are working over this period on Condado I thank you ,though we will be not there. I hope everyone gives you a massive tip. You deserve it

Also we must remember those in the UK who will also be working over the Christmas & New year period. I salute you

I hope something wonderful will be looming ever nearer for you all in the new year.

Jan & Ham

Thread: Merry Christmas

01 Nov 2014 23:00:

Sorry  but I cannot understand why you bothered to complain when you  do not seem to be bothered to stand up & be counted. I bet there are many on Campasol that feel like you & believe they are the only ones feeling that way. You cannot allow the bullies to intimidate you. I am sure you have many friends on Campasol and a low key chat about what you are having to put up with just might spark a conversation that will eventually put you in touch with other like minded folk.

I know as we grow older all we want is a quiet life with no arguments but no one should be bullied.

You say

Doesn't work like that. It would open up a can of worms.

Other neighbours may shout at the workers, then they will shuffle inside

But how do you know they would shuffle inside. If they think they are alone then you cannot blame them but if you let them know that there are others that feel the same way then maybe something can be done. Remember a bully survives because of other peoples fear but if confronted by a group, the larger the better, then its a different matter. I know I used to deal with bullies in schools and when confronted they change their tune. Itmight not work but surely its better to try than not to have tried at all. go on Knock your neighbours doors see how they feel.


I hope you get the support from your community soon & get rid of this person who evedently has no care for others

Thread: Inconsiderate neighbours.

13 Sep 2013 00:54:

Yes Campasol is in Mursia.

A short derive from Mazarron

Thread: Update: ITV's Tonight will fly British would-be property buyers out to Spain to view €600 plots

12 Sep 2013 19:51:

We too bought off plan but With Polaris on Condado De Alhama & though it has taken a few years for businesses to open up on the site I have to say that most purchasers are very happy. All roads etc. completed. Swimming pools nag Gardens are looked after to an excellent standard.

Yes the financial status of the word prevented any further development but unlike many sites all buildings were completed & not a crane in sight

We are not far from Campasol & am saddened to read of the experience of one of the purchasers there.  Campasol has a great supermarket & some really good restaurants too. Hope all is resolved very soon

Happy purchaser

Thread: Update: ITV's Tonight will fly British would-be property buyers out to Spain to view €600 plots

11 Aug 2013 19:54:

Hi I sent this thread way back on the 28th November 1998.

I have quite a number of friends who have bought on a Polarise World site. La Torre, Mar Menor etc. and though there are always teething problems at first PW have always come up trumps in the end.

As for PW being in trouble financially.

No you have it wrong. PW Director has almost the same name as a director of a company on the Costa del Sol who built illegally. And it is he who has been told that rather he knock one of his buildings sites down he can sell the remainder properties at a lower price to local Spanish families.

I have a friend who bought on that particular site &completed last year.

She doesn’t appear too bothered as she lives on the site she feels it will be good for her to have the apartments permanently occupied rather than being a woman living alone on an almost deserted site.

As for Condado looking different from the original plans. This is nothing new. My son bought a 2 bed apartment here in England almost two years ago & it differed quite a lot from his initial viewing of the show home to apartment on completion.

There is always some small print somewhere that will tell you that “plans may change at the builder’s discretion." You just have to look for it.

And negative equity. No matter what country you live in. If you have bought over the past few years it will apply now

You just have to ride out the storm if you can.

A happy PW purchaser 

This is my latest comment.

Stop slagging of Polaris. Stop bringing up old headlines.

My son`s apartment fell so low in negative equity that he never thought he would be able to move.

Luckily he has recently purchased a newly built house with his fiancée after a local builder offered them a fantastic deal.

To re kindle this head line is stupid. Yes we are in negative equity & yes there are people buying at a third of the price we paid but I have between having between 5 & 7 holidays a year on Condado & we would never have been able to do that had we not bought when we did.

So stop bringing up old news. It’s out dated & there are many of us who would not change a thing.





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