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Mac's Poll - Let's Vote

Curious to know what the general opinion is? Cast your vote and let's see!!

POLL- Would you be willing to have a COVID vaccine when they become available?
27 October 2020 @ 19:57

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Typically, the creation and rigorous testing of a vaccine can take up to 15 years. However, since January academics and pharmaceutical companies have been working around the clock to complete a COVID vaccine in record time and many people are wary of the end result.

In a recent survey, 66% of adults said they would get a vaccine when one becomes available, with 15% opting not to. However, nearly a fifth (19%) were unsure of whether they would or not. Supposing that vaccines will not be compulsory... will you have one when they become available? Please cast your vote...




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jim said:
31 October 2020 @ 09:17

Let's say a vaccine takes one year to ready. That means a maximum of one year of testing on humans. Therefore, any 'side effects' resulting after 12 months are totally unknown. Worst case scenario: everyone who takes the vaccine dies within 13 months. THAT WOULD NEVER HAPPEN! you cry. YOU'RE A CONSPIRACY THEORIST! you cry. Think again, it's just logic.

Tel said:
31 October 2020 @ 10:30

That's a NO then!

Bobby said:
31 October 2020 @ 10:47

Im still at a loss as to why people think they need a vaccine? If you take care of your health from a preventative stand point, a virus won’t even bother with you. But this goes for any illness or health issues. If you work on putting time into your health, you won’t need to put time into your illness. Prevention is always better than cure. This virus has such a minimal impact on the large majority of people. Most who have it (84%) don’t even know they had it. So, why risk taking a vaccine developed by companies who’s key driver is not your health but profits. You’d have to be insane to think that taking a rushed vaccine for a minor virus is a smart thing to do.

jimbo7 said:
31 October 2020 @ 11:26

There is no way I would have this vaccine even if it is compulsory as covid 19 has been set up to control us and 99 +get over it without any treatment. In fact more people die with the flu every year. The most people who do die with covid 19 are the elderly and would die anyway if they got the flu and the average age is 80 +. Some NHS workers in the UK who are speaking out are telling us that our hospitals are empty but we can't see this for ourselves because they won't let us in not even to see our family member who may be in hospital for something else and not covid 19.

Dorsetdrover said:
31 October 2020 @ 15:03

You have hit the nail on the head. It's all one big hype brought about by BigPharma and others who stand to make a fortune out of the vaccine. The complicit government are doing their bit by spreading fear and slapping us under controls.

Ron said:
31 October 2020 @ 16:32

I think the above comments are totally nuts. Talk about conspiracy theorists!

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