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POLL - Will you start socialising with friends and family as soon as you can?
13 May 2020 @ 19:27

About 51% of the population is now enjoying the extra freedom 'Phase 1' offers, although the metropolitan areas of Spain's largest three cities remain on 'Phase 0', along with Granada, the Costa del Sol, nearly all of Catalunya, and significant portions of Castilla-La Mancha, Castilla y León, and the Comunidad Valenciana.

The government has explained what those living in 'Phase 1' areas can and cannot do, and what those who are not may be able to do in a week or two, depending upon how the virus develops in their territory and the availability of healthcare facilities in reserve to cope with a hypothetical second outbreak.


Visiting friends and family

This is now permitted to some degree – either meeting in the street or in your or their homes – unless they have tested positive for Covid-19, are recovering and in the requisite 15-day home isolation period, or are showing symptoms compatible with the disease.

Anyone considered 'high-risk' due to pre-existing health problems – anything affecting the cardiovascular or respiratory system, anything that compromises their immune system such as being in treatment for cancer, or anything which means contracting Covid-19 would automatically be much more dangerous for them – cannot be visited or have visitors.

The elderly cannot have or make visits.

Those considered high-risk 'due to age' are not permitted to receive visitors, meet others on the street or go to other people's houses, although it is not clear where the cut-off point is. The immune system starts to weaken from around age 60 to 70, those aged 70 or over have specific time slots for going out walking or exercising unless they live in a town with fewer than 5,000 inhabitants, and anyone aged 65 or over is given an exclusive or 'priority' slot for supermarket shopping, but people in this age bracket are not, these days, considered 'elderly', or even, necessarily, 'middle-aged'. In fact, the World Health Organisation (WHO) classes those aged 66 to 79 inclusive as 'middle-aged', and 'elderly' does not start until age 80; however, people of approximately State pension age are thought to be more vulnerable to Covid-19 and the average age of those who have died from the condition is over 73.

So it may be better not to meet up with anyone if you are 65 or more, nor to visit anyone or invite them round if they are in this segment of the population.

How many people can visit each other at once?

Maximum groups of 10 people are allowed in any one house, including members of the household – a person living alone can have nine visitors, but a couple with three children cannot have more than five.

This is also the case when people gather on the street to meet.

So when your region enters phase 1 or if you are already in phase 1, how do you feel about socialising at the moment?

Also, Do you think the Government's plan is sensible?



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Nic Wedge said:
20 May 2020 @ 09:26

We have a place near Mojacar but are in the UK. Spain has got clear guides about age groups, vulnerable people and what they can and can't do. They are much more specific than the UK gov. guide lines. We both have underlying conditions, my wife with severe COPD, and our daughter does all shopping. I cannot see us leaving isolation for months. The risk is way too high.
I walk 30 mins every day with no contact with anyone, but if l started shopping the consequences would be fatal.
Spain recognises the vulnerability of the elderly even those without conditions and this is not emphasised enough here.
Take care everyone x

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