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POLL - Have you enjoyed being at home during lockdown?
09 June 2020 @ 21:52

Two months of confinement have helped Spaniards rediscover the benefits of being at home.  A study carried out by the leading DIY, home and garden marketplace, concluded that  80% of Spaniards claim to have enjoyed being at home during the coronavirus confinement. The reason? They have spent more time with their loved ones, and they have also taken advantage of their free time to carry out small renovations, tidy up and reorganise the house, and other tasks that previously, due to time, they could not have done. 

By spending more time at home, it seems that the Spanish have come to love being at home more than before. The main reason participants enjoyed their homes so much during quarantine was being able to share more time with their loved ones, especially households with children (51%) compared to households without children (31%).  18% also felt more protected and safer at home while 15% said it was because they had more time to organise the house and redecorate it to their liking. How did you find lockdown? Please cast your vote and post your reason in the comments section below...




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pommers said:
09 June 2020 @ 23:15

We're retired and actually stay at home quite a lot of the time anyway, so it hasn't been that much different.
I've missed being able to go out for a coffee and brandy but that's about it.

DJF42 said:
10 June 2020 @ 09:43

Like you Pommers, being retired hasn’t made a lot of difference, although I find the vote choice strange, “indifferent”? I can’t believe that any age group has been “indifferent” to what has been happening.
My wife and I are fortunate in that where we rent we have a good outside space with a garden and a good view, it is those people that live in complexes, apartment blocks and the like, that it has been a trail for.
Although judging by the Spanish poll most have managed pretty well.

mac75 said:
10 June 2020 @ 18:55

Let me clarify that - when I used - indifferent - I was meaning that it has been much the same as usual - that you have neither enjoyed it more nor less than normal life - ie it hasn't really affected you. I think I will modify the choice wording to avoid misunderstandings...thanks!

Charlietwice said:
14 June 2020 @ 01:10

Hard to answer the options given. I answered no but that was because my business suffered. My income dropped significantly but not enough to claim any of the benefits. The financial worries this caused outweighed any benefits of staying home although my wife and I did find some pleasant persuits to enjoy given the free time available.

Barb said:
15 June 2020 @ 12:23

As above comments I am retired and originally missed the company but once we could get together in groups of 10 or less it’s been fine! A positive is that we’ve made new friends with neighbours who were once just “nodding acquaintances”, decorated and read incessantly. I would just add that we’ve supported local shops and suppliers and will continue to do so.

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