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POLL - COVID 19 SPAIN - Do you feel comfortable.....?
10 July 2020 @ 11:21

Now that all regions in Spain are now living the "new normal" apart from a handful of places that have been put back into quarantine, it is possible to start seeing how the general population is reacting to this new way of living. Certainly, the first couple of weeks after lockdown was lifted we noticed a large surge of people going to bars for a beer or a snack, now that restaurants are also open as well as cinemas and gyms, it begs the question, just how comfortable are we going to these places, especially when we see new cases popping up all over the country. That said it is to be expected until there is a vaccine. The coronavirus isn't just going to disappear overnight.  So how do you feel about visiting certain places now? taking into consideration that all places are following hygiene guidelines, from what I have observed, and that social distancing, generally speaking, is being respected..Please cast your vote:

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pommers said:
10 July 2020 @ 18:48

I check-out anywhere I go quite carefully - particularly bars and restaurants.
Most are following guidelines and wearing masks and doing the required cleaning. But at one bar I went to on the beach this week not a mask in sight and tables not being cleaned before clients sitting down. Won't be going back there again.
Also fed up of idiots not observing social distancing in restaurants. Went to one last night that has probably 60 tables. 4 were occupied when in walks new customers, no masks, and chose to sit at the table next to us just 3 feet away.
Owner should have directed them elsewhere but didn't so we got up and moved - meaning they now had an extra table to clean.

Marilyn Rust said:
11 July 2020 @ 07:33

I have to say I’ve been in a couple of places where the staff and us wore masks on entering, but nobody else did and in those cases, No I don’t feel safe and I won’t go back. If these are the laws now then they are the laws for everyone, the virus hasn’t gone away, it’s still out there and it’s up to the staff in these establishments to ensure the rules are followed.

anthomo16 said:
11 July 2020 @ 08:51

I will continue to wear a mask when out even as I might keep social distancing there will be others in a hurry to get past me so for me best to keep masked

brucegrindley said:
11 July 2020 @ 10:30

There is a marked difference between the behaviour of people in the UK and people in Tenerife!
It is compulsory to wear masks in shops and in restaurants and bars when not sitting at your table eating and drinking. Proper surgical masks are easily available in pharmacies, rather than people using inferior homemade face coverings that often hang around the chin without covering the nose.
Even British people tend to follow the example given by local people when in Tenerife, so it is so much safer there, and this is proved by the very low Covid-19 figures, in comparison to other areas of Europe.

roberto123 said:
11 July 2020 @ 11:24

Question, can I drive from Santander to Malage staying overnight at a hotel ??

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