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POLL : If you could, would you take out Spanish Citizenship?
31 January 2020 @ 20:08

Growing numbers of Britons are taking official Spanish language exams in order to become citizens of Spain, motivated by fears about Brexit. Figures published by the Instituto Cervantes show a 21% increase since last year in the numbers taking Spanish as a foreign language diploma, which is a requirement for anyone wanting citizenship.

The institute, which is responsible for promoting the Spanish language and culture around the world, says more than 400 people in the UK will take the exams this year, compared with 227 in 2015. “Certainly this is related to Brexit and the desire to keep a European passport,” Ignacio Peyró Jiménez, its London director, said. 
Since the Brexit vote, the applications by British residents in Spain to become residents has increased by 431% and this figure is expected to climb

Brits living in Spain had no real need to take Spanish citizenship since, other than being barred from voting in national and regional elections or standing for Parliament, their rights as expatriates were identical to those of any Spaniard.

Citizenship requirements changed in 2015, but are relatively within reach – the language test is set at level A2 or a good GCSE grade and two years’ worth of classes or home study is normally enough to achieve this standard.

A sociocultural and constitutional knowledge test must also be passed – 25 multiple choice questions to be answered in 45 minutes, of which 15 must be correct or 60%.

Successful applicants then must agree to renounce their nationality of birth and swear allegiance to the Spanish Constitution.

In practice, the UK doesn’t allow its native-born subjects to give up their British citizenship, even though joint nationality is not available to Brits living in Spain.

But for those concerned about future restrictions on movement between Spain and the UK, Spanish nationality may, strangely enough, make this procedure easier; a British-born subject is unlikely to be denied the right to spend an indefinite time in the UK as a visitor to, for example, care for family members in need, and with a Spanish passport, re-entry to Spain is guaranteed however long they have been away.

So what do you think? 

Would you take out Spanish citizenship if you could? Please cast your vote...



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D J Fraser said:
31 January 2020 @ 20:59

Why would you take out Spanish citizenship if you have to give up your British one?
As far as I'm aware Spain is the only country that will not allow duel citizenship.
Isn't this something for the European Court of Human Rights?
There is a terrible amount of misinformation and fake news out there that has prompted some to take the exam and hopefully take Spanish citizenship because they think that we won't be allowed to move around freely as before on a UK passport.
Or perhaps they are tired of the UK altogether and wish to stay in Spain till the end, well that is there right.

David Briggs said:
01 February 2020 @ 09:20

Great idea - do it if you can....

Annie said:
01 February 2020 @ 10:12

Spanish passport or not, it takes generations to become seen as a native. Even children who are born and grow up in Spain are not considered Spanish.

Changing nationality just so you can hang on to a few perks is seedy. If you love the country that is different.

Charlietwice said:
01 February 2020 @ 11:09

Purely a choice for the individual. Sadly, because British people have had many rights stripped from them due to brexit, some are going the way of citizenship. I don’t think it’s for me but I would never criticise others for doing it.

tonyl said:
01 February 2020 @ 16:43

What would worry me about becoming a Spanish citizen (or even resident) is that you have to declare all your worldwide wealth through the infamous Modelo 720 form, and even a small mistake, even if innocent, can lead to huge penalties.

DJF42 said:
03 February 2020 @ 12:08

I am unable to see where the idea you have of British people having many rights stripped away from them due to Brexit comes from.
Perhaps you could explain or list the rights that we won't have despite having a valid passport, residencia, signed on the padron and completing modulo 720 for the past 10 years

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