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POLL: Are you in favour of making Euthanasia legal?
10 May 2018 @ 13:16

A Debate has opened in Spanish Parliament about the possibility of decriminalising euthanasia.

All parties who voted in Congress except the reigning PP, which is in a minority, and the Navarra regional party UPN, pronounced their support for the move proposed by the regional Parliament of Catalunya.

Centre-right Ciudadanos chose not to vote.

The proposal calls for a reform of Article 143.4 of Spain's Penal Code, which currently applies a murder charge for anyone who helps a terminally-ill patient, or a person with an incurable condition that causes extreme physical or mental suffering, die upon request.

This reform would mean assisted suicide would cease to be a crime and would no longer carry the current two- to five-year prison sentence for anyone who aids an attempt which is unsuccessful, or from six to 10 years if the assistance results in the patient's death. Full story here

What do you think? Please cast your vote...


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Falcón said:
10 May 2018 @ 19:00

I think that it is really complicated because it should decide all familly.

Doug Beattie said:
13 May 2018 @ 08:54

In this day & age why should decent people have to suffer with no quality of life when it should be there decision in person or by a deed left with a Lawyer stating that in an event like that they would rather be gone, It mi

Canary Lover said:
13 May 2018 @ 13:22

Why should humans suffer more than animals which are regularly "put down" rather than allow them terrible misery & suffering?

Barbarina said:
13 May 2018 @ 14:44

While most people believe this is a personal choice to the person concerned it also involves friends family and the wider community. We have many vulnerable people in society and to decriminalise uthanasia would have a massive effect on these people directly and indirectly. I'm thinking about the elderly who may feel like a burden on family and the disabled ( those who have not aborted for their disabilities) who are worthy of a life in spite of their difficulties. We should be promoting good palliative care for end of life instead money will go into the science of dieing so those wishing to live and the care of our vulnerable in society will almost certainly be disadvantaged. This is not a simple yes or no question.

alant said:
13 May 2018 @ 18:36

how many no votes are because they believe in the spaghetti monster in the sky(I defend their right to believe in what they wish).Because

alant said:
13 May 2018 @ 18:41

to continue, I am nursing a wife with two cancers I believe that I am in a position to make a valid judgment. I will not allow her to suffer no matter what ever are the consequences.

mrnkar said:
26 September 2019 @ 13:07

My mum suffered a painful, slow death & wanted to die. She even asked me to help her as she didn't have the strength to do it herself, but I couldn't do it and it will stay with me for the rest of my life.

I just wish euthanasia had been available as 1, she would have got her wish & 2, I would be able to live without not doing as she asked hanging over me.

I think until you have an experience like that, it is not always an easy answer.

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