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POLL: Should parents be finacially responsible for their children indefinitely?
12 July 2017 @ 18:44

A divorced Spanish father was ordered to pay nearly £300 a month to his 31-year-old daughter - because she cannot find a long-term job.

Amador López, whose real name has not be released by the court, was estranged from daughter Clara until 2005, when he was told by a judge that he must support her through an undergraduate and postgraduate degree.

He initially refused to pay the 500 euros (£360) a month but his bank account was frozen. Mr López, who owns several cars including a BMW, appealed the decision in 2014 but was told by Spain's Supreme Court that he must continue to support his daughter by paying 400 euros (£289) a month.

Although Clara has had several short-term jobs, she has not been able to find anything permanent since graduating. Rosalia Bello, the lawyer who represents Clara, said the case was unique. 'The really unprecedented thing about this case is that the support is open-ended,' she said.

The decision comes just months after a father from Cádiz, Spain, was ordered to pay his 29-year-old daughter 500 euros a month while she completed her psychology degree.

The percentage of 25 to 34-year-olds living with their parents varies across Europe. 
In 2014 Denmark had one of the lowest rates with only two per cent of the age group neglecting to fly the nest.

In the UK 15 per cent of 25 to 34-year-olds still lived with parents - but in southern and eastern European countries like Spain and Italy it was as high as 70 per cent.

This was in comparison to an EU average of 21.9 per cent and was well above Germany, which had the lowest rate of youth unemployment with 7.4 per cent.

so, what's your take on this decision by the courts?  Please csat your vote:




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Falcón said:
12 July 2017 @ 19:28

I think that the parents shouldn't pay for their children indefinitely. I think that until 18 years ago and then the children should work for pay something. Although the parents should help their children when they to need.

mestala said:
15 July 2017 @ 06:46

And I thought uk was the nanny state,no shame from the kids then..that's the kind of young kids[not all] who are the future...not much future then!!

Harry said:
15 July 2017 @ 08:36

Have to agree with Mestala, if these people are the future God help us.

anthomo16 said:
15 July 2017 @ 12:26

between a rock and a hard place here as children however old they are are still children. My personal view is that yes they shoud be helped until the age of 21 or if in some kind of University or training then until that ends. But once that training or schooling has finished then they must get a job and start paying for their keep. 31 years is far too old for a father to pay lazy woman.

edburton said:
15 July 2017 @ 17:59

Under normal circumstances parents continuing to subside aldult children seems ridiculous but spain has been through a horrendous time and young people can't find work. it wasn't so long ago that 50% were unemployed.
There is no state support all that is left is the help of the family. So if parents don't want to continue to help their children would be destitute and homeless.

tteedd said:
16 July 2017 @ 01:51

The immediate reaction is why should a parent pay for the upkeep of a 30 year old daughter.

But, then again, why should everyone else pay through their taxes?

Tina said:
18 July 2017 @ 21:54

The court should never make such decision unless its needed to provide for a mental/physical incapacitated individual. Parents can always support their offspring voluntarily once they are adults. It's up to every person to find their way into this world weather close to home or abroad.

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