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POLL: Have you ever been to Valencia to see the Fallas Festival?
20 March 2014 @ 10:32

Fallas has to be one of the most spectacular festivals Spain has along with the Carnival of Tenerife and The Easter Processions, but the Easter processions are pretty much a repetition every year of the same thing, where as Fallas (and the Carnival) shows new creativity every year.

What is so special about Fallas is that it involves the entire city and there are over 600 monuments or sculptures built around the city including the main monuments and the infant monuments. It truly is a giant open-air museum full of marquees open to the public for having a drink or a bite to eat. Churros and chocolate are on sale at every corner and paellas are being made over burning cinder down every side street.

The smell of gunpowder in permanently in the air and impregnates your clothes as if you had been beside a bonfire all night. The relentless sound of bangers and firecrackers exploding and echoing around the city day and night only add more atmosphere to this 4 dimensional “Fiesta”; Sight, Sound, Smell and Taste.

And if that wasn’t enough be blown away or blinded by the spectacular street lighting, which is second to none. However I am still surprised to this very day that Fallas is still relatively unknown outside of Spanish borders, or at least that is the sensation I get. “Fiestas” such as The Bulls of Pamplona and the Tomatoes of the Tomatina seem to attract more international attention and would certainly give the impression that they are more widely known.

Am I mistaken or is my impression right?  

Although many people come to Valencia during Fallas over 1 million visitors, the majority are Spanish. So I was curious to know whether the members on Eye On Spain had actually visited Fallas before or not. I assume all of the members on Eye On Spain either live in Spain, holiday in Spain, used to live in Spain or have some connection with the country and know of this Festivity… please feel free to leave a comment…

If you have never been, have a look at this video and maybe you should plan a visit for next year!



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David H said:
22 March 2014 @ 16:21

Just go; it may be one of the most memorable things you do in Spain.
The sculptures are giant, of amazing quality, and in many parts of the city centre; you won't believe that they are going to burn them all. Choose which one you want to see going up in flames at the end of the festival.
The things to prepare for are high hotel rates and firework displays by day and after midnight.
Take some ear-plugs or you may be disturbed when trying to sleep, and take them to the firework displays or, like me, you may finish-up with permanent tinnitus caused by the deafening roar of the wall of sound.

David J Fraser said:
22 March 2014 @ 17:11

All this looks magnificent . Will have to put on bucket list.
Would it be advantages to book hotel in nearby town/s so as to avoid price hike during festival?

Bill said:
13 July 2014 @ 21:05

Fallas is more awesome than anything you can imagine! I loved every minute we were there from the parades to the fireworks. I'd return for the Fallas festival in a heartbeat. Just one word....GO!

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