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El blog de Maria

Your daily Spanish Law reporter. Have it with a cafe con leche.

Sleeping on Saturday
31 May 2008

Some Saturdays, after a superhectic week, I just can spend the day sleeping and sleeping. Thanks God I have got a supercaring husband, for me and the children.

By Maria L. de Castro

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Mujeres in a 80% rate
30 May 2008

It is interesting.. I have been observing that the 80% of the clients that firstly contact me with a problem in Spain are women. The first person who introduced me into the world of  online-legal-assistance was a woman: Julie Perea ( a british married to a gibraltarian) and the best promoters of our services among  my clients are women.

I think we implicitly understand the approaches and ways of conduct  of women. Women´s intuition.. the so called 6th sense.

Have a wonderful weekend.

Junio es el mes de la feria de mi ciudad:  Algeciras. Estais invitados!!

By Maria L. de Castro

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A chat with brother Jaime. The Commercial Law specialist
29 May 2008

I just have a quick.... on the way.... conversation with brother Jaime, the Commercial Law professor , director of, the litigation team hired by Costaluz for the judicial fights.... it was about these bankruptcies.

He thinks those lands will be eventually developed and works finished, maybe not by exactly the same companies they were started by. Things will come to balance ( after some pain and lots of effort, work and waits) and credits, mortgages, prices.... will come to balance too. It will take time.... in the meantime we all need to fight for the best. You buyers... for the protection of your deposits and us lawyers for that and for the restoration of the legal and financial correctness.

Difficult... hum... I know. But it is a goal, and once you have a why, you have a will. It is challenging. I kind of like crisis.... it may be becasue I lost my mom when I was 9 years old and I am used to live within the crisis categories.

Anyhow...  the office.... we need to shorten the tables because the six of them left short space out to dance flamenco around as we use.... Just kidding, brits!!!  They left short room out for standing up and go to the mate for info or help or whatever.

We have got a terrace and some artificial grass, we wanted to produde a Google style,,, and according to our possibilities... we got it.

Hasta mañana a todos, buenas noches... los jueves ya es dia de fiesta en España.



By Maria L. de Castro

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Proffesional Services for renting
29 May 2008

It is now a long time I have been thinking that the major way to substain the huge number of houses as " alive units" is the rent. Market needs some sense of " detachment" towards property and think of the great quotas of freedon that renting provides, renting is flexible and modern. We need to equip the renting market with inniovative, young, transparent, flexible instrument which will make this option a " vanguardist" one.

One of those ( if not the main one, at least in Spain) is the increasing of the use of Rental Insurances and of course the submission of the rental contract to arbitration, rather that Courts, in order to avoid rigid, antieconomical and frustrating eviction procedures.

Will keep writing on that, there is much to say....



By Maria L. de Castro

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An intensive day!
28 May 2008

WE are about to finish today. Started at 8 am and are leaving at 18:00..... yes, we know is over the rate but... we are finishing the setting of the new office and there are many things going around.

A good new: We have just won a new case in Fuengirola.

A fun event: Today was the birthday of the English teacher of the staff and we made a little birthday party ( with chocolate cake included)

A message of hope: People here are very encouraged and committed to customers service and care for english speaking clients.

Good evening.


By Maria L. de Castro

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28 May 2008

First of all: thanks Justin for doing this. We know it has been a biiiiiiiiiiig effort

We are starting this blog  today, we want it  to be like the logbook of Costaluzlawyers and Maria. You will have to keep excusing us for our English, but we will try our very best.

We finally received today  the furnitures of our new office where we are moving within some days. We will post some pictures once we are there.

I will ask the rest of the team to come by and say hello as soon as we are settled up there.

Cordialisimos saludos,



By Maria L. de Castro

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