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04 Nov 2006 00:00 by rosi n Star rating in Cornwall / axarquia. 119 posts Send private message

Concerning the planning/building licences that many projects do not have is anybody buying in the area Lake Vinuela/ Alcaucin/Puente don Manuel in the Axarquia region ,many properties are built and are lived in but of course have no title deeds or in fact any papers with proof of ownership and the houses are on builders supplies we know some that have this situation now for 3 years I expect this can only be sorted out by the Junta in Sevilla is that correct? as the builders just say its coming soon ,there is talk in the press of knocking property down  that have no permission do you think this would really happen? any feed back on this subject would be useful as this problem affects many areas.

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14 Nov 2006 21:43 by Spanish Inquisition Star rating in Puerto Banus. 16 posts Send private message

Any licence (for building or inhabiting) has to be granted by the local authority. Each Town Hall has the powers to decide on these issues. What might happen is that they grant a licence against a regional area plan, or that the regional goverment decides to denounce the licence for considering it illegally granted, but it is not usual.

Also, the builders can have the construction licence, but the inhabiting licence depends on wether the final construction is equal to what was contemplated in the constuction licence.

Each case has to be looked at in depth by an expert. I recommend that a solicitor does all these findings on your behalf 


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18 Nov 2006 11:48 by taxiparrots Star rating in Deepest Suffolk. 149 posts Send private message

Does anybody no the  length of time a Spanish building licence application for partial planning has to be in public exposition for. Is it 1 month, 2 months or can it vary according to the development. Apparently the period is specified under Spanish law.

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18 Nov 2006 12:59 by starcrest Star rating. 15 posts Send private message



Planning Permission can 2 years

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18 Nov 2006 17:09 by taxiparrots Star rating in Deepest Suffolk. 149 posts Send private message

Hi starcest,

 Sorry but you've misunderstood. This is after approval by the local Town Hall but before the Town Hall signs the licence the application has to rest in public exposition for a certain period of time in accordance with Spainsh law.This is so that the public can raise any objections. Is this  period 1 month or 2 months 

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18 Nov 2006 22:59 by Smiley Star rating in San Pedro de Alcanta.... 2502 posts Send private message

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Hi taxi parrots I would send a PM to Spanish Inquisition - he is a brief in Marbella so if anyone will know he will. He only checks the threads periodically as it is a mostly British forum but I am sure he will be more than happy to answer your q.


Smiley -

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21 Nov 2006 01:06 by Spanish Inquisition Star rating in Puerto Banus. 16 posts Send private message


If you are referring to a partial plan developing a plot or sector approved by the general plan as urban land, then it ust has to be presented to the Town Hall and approved by it. Usally it is presented to public claims during 15 days to a month, but during the whole process when the partial plan is under study for approval any person with an interest can ask for information on the approval and also present claims.

When the general plan is to be approved the advance of the plan is under public information for one month for claims, but that term can be aso extended if the town halls considers it necessary. 


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