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28 Oct 2006 00:00 by mikedyson Star rating. 3 posts Send private message

We are in the process of buying a villa in El Galan. Locals apparently call this the Blue Mountains area which apparently flags up as being not a nice area. Does anybody out there have a villa in El Galan who we can chat to? thanks.

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22 Nov 2006 11:15 by is my house done Star rating. 2 posts Send private message

We have an apartment in las filipinas near to el galan or blue hills-all close to each other. There are a few rough places  ie los dolses commercial but its the english that make it rough (the word chav springs to mind) and there are some nicer parts ie campaomoar golf course area there is a new commercial being built there. I beleive most of the break ins are done on recently completed properties that havent got grills up, there are a lot of immigrant workers from morroco and they are blamed for much of the thefts.They all go home in the summer so there are less thefts then.We personally-touch wood-have not had any problems, or seen any problems, although i have heard of a mugging near el galan shops, and we have had a couple of break ins on our complex- all without grills on.Oh and get your keys changed the day you take possesion.I suppose you get good and bad everywhere but there seems to be more nicer people round than bad if that makes sense!Any other queries let me know.

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07 Dec 2006 21:45 by bobaol Star rating. 2256 posts Send private message

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To Mike Dyson, better late than never.  We have a top duplex in Blue Hills, el Galan area.  Have heard it called Blue Hills and Blue Lagoon but not Blue Mountains.  Where exactly is your place in relation to the Blue Lagoon archway?  We are virtually opposite the archway before you turn off the main road.  Area is nice with lots of amenities and new restaurants/bars etc.  Gets a bit hectic in the summer months and, as studio mentions, the Brits (unfortunately) lower the tone a bit.  Kids and teenagers are left to hang around the shopping areas at all hours and zoom up and down the main road on those sewing machines on wheels.  Saying that, the place is quite late at nights in the gated communities.  Used to be a problem before the gates were up with late night tourists leaving the bars and staggering (loudly) back to their rented flats but now not so much of a problem.  Area is much better off season but am still a bit disconcerted with some of the ex-pats hitting the bars all day and hope we don't turn into them when we eventually retire to Spain.  It is an ideal location to get to other places and the beach is close enough.  We have, touch wood, not had any problems with break-ins but someone at the top of our street was broken into and jewellery and laptop stolen.  Had grilles on windows as well.  To put that into perspective, when we got back to UK a couple of years ago, we had been broken into and TV, laptop, camcorder and other digital items plus a sum of dollars had been nicked.  UK police took 10 hours to get out and check the "crime scene". I had to keep phoning the locksmith to delay his visit until the police came. To cap it all, the *****s had nicked my wife's car from the garage to take the stuff away in.  Nothing new whatever country you live in I'm afraid.

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