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10 Mar 2013 09:50:


Does anybody roughly know how long it takes a judge to pass sentence on a case from the time of the trial at the Court of 1st Instance in Alicante ?

Thread: Judge Sentencing

23 Feb 2008 00:00:

Is there any way i can use the Spanish consumer office while here in the uk in respect of obtaining refunds i.e a deposit on air conditioning which i have had to cancel as my developer has breached my contract  ( no licence approval so no building) A deposit was placed about 2 years ago to secure a certain price on air con. The air con company will not refund the deposit 100 euros although they confirm they have not ordered or obtained units on my behalf so suffered no loss.. Also a refund on extras which are outside my contract and bank guarantee.The builder will not refund   2640 euros

Can i do this from the uk or would my spanish solicitor have to arrange things and charge me


Thread: Obtaining Refunds

17 Feb 2008 00:00:

Does anybody know if it is legal  under Spanish law for a parent company to sell off the assets of a shelf development company so that the money goes to the parent company causing buyers to lose their deposits because they cannot take the parent company to court.

Thread: Spanish Law.

29 Nov 2006 07:06:

Tell me Maria L de Castro, how many developers have been fined, since 1968 for charging for their bank guarantees?
Thread: Don't pay for your bank guarantee

28 Nov 2006 21:21:

I've still not read any document stating the developer has to pay for the bank guarantee. I understand the developer is obliged to provide one but nothing to suggest a charge cannot be made.
Thread: Don't pay for your bank guarantee


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