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04 Nov 2006 00:00 by rosi n Star rating in Cornwall / axarquia. 119 posts Send private message

Hi everybody ,we lived the dream of living part time in Spain for 8 years (costa del sol) and we sold 3 years ago we still love Spain and go back every year for a long stay holiday ,the situation in Spain is changing because so many propertys have been built and still building the British have driven the market for some years now but the market is slowing or falling in some areas as the prices are to high and so much for sale.When you have the cash to buy and not looking for a profit Spain is still a lovely place to be but if you are taking out a mortgage you could be in for bad news as the Bank Rates are rising and letting is very hard  or you must have a frontline beach property even then winter rentees are difficult to find in some areas and you find it hard going to cover your outgoings never mind make a profit ,you must remember that your property must go up in value by 25% to cover the buying /selling costs you then have to find a buyer (it took us two years for us to sell our beachside property) the agents will tell you anything to get you to sign they get a bigger commission on off plan ,that really was the boom time for our sale.Concerning Aifos we would never say buy with them as they are selling with no planning /building licence in place and they are just this is not use your the money to start again,Viva ,Mri and there lawyers are bad news but I expect it does go right sometimes but we are only saying this from first hand from friends who have used these Agents,  this is not doom & gloom but the true situation as it really is ,we are really thinking of leaving the uk for good as the life style here is going down hill and Spain is still good but we shall be very careful were we go and look around the area but would never buy in a area of cranes as most builds are running two years late and in most cases the builders cover themselves with this over run time so you cannot claim back any money, also never use a laywer from the agent/builder they hide the bits that you should know about. All we can say is be aware of the CROOKS that want your money in there pocket.

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