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30 Mar 2009 00:00 by morerosado Star rating in Guardamar del Segura.... 6942 posts Send private message

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I have just posted in another thread but felt this warranted a new thread so it won't be lost in general chat.

30 Mar 2009 4:00 PM


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This post belongs to the following thread: Can Movistar switch off your mobile service if you don't use it a lot ?


We went into the local Movistar shop in September 2008 to register our SIM card &, as far as we were concerned, they had done that & we even requested a copy of the info they had put on the computer to prove we'd done it.

So when we saw a text from Movistar this March, which we would normally delete as we don't understand or speak Spanish,  & it had 'targeta' & 'Nov 09' in it I decided we should return to the shop & ask advice. OH thought it was just a general text chucked out to all but it turned out not to be so.

When we went in September to register we let the staff get on with it & obviously expected them to do it correctly. We took our passports & all they wanted was a passport number (we're non residents) & the actual phone number. Seems that was not all correct & it was as well we went back when we received that text. Many of our friends have also received the same text but deleted it as they didn't understand it.


Staff looked at the print off they had given us in September & the text then called up the details. The woman took the SIM card out of our mobile & put the serial number on the PC then spent ages typing away before asking my OH to write his signature on an electronic pad then she handed us a print off without us asking for one. It had my OH's signature on it. We looked at it & my OH's Christian name was spelt incorrectly. We commented, she said 'pc is happy', his surname was down as his middle name, again we commented & got same response. We saw it did say United Kingdom in one area of the form but it had ' Nigeria'  in another area, more comment from us, comment from her...'PC is happy all is ok !!!'

What CAN you do ? It's Spain, they're a law unto themselves.











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30 Mar 2009 16:49 by morerosado Star rating in Guardamar del Segura.... 6942 posts Send private message

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I tried to post after GYPSY in Can Movistar switch off your mobile service if you don't use it a lot ? but I just got a blank page !!!!!

I'm going to take the page they printed off to another Movistar shop as we're not happy with what's on it. They can change it. Our residence in Spain wasn't put on it either. There are some things that are optional but it seems they should've put our address on. We'll take our Padron next trip.

Mind you, I wonder what happens if you have a Spanish SIM but don't have a property ? Many just rent, some want a Spanish SIM if they have many Spanish contacts but they only come over on holiday & book into hotels.









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30 Jun 2009 21:23 by Goldie Star rating. 154 posts Send private message


Would some one please give me an update with regards to registering  a spanish sim card. I do have a vodafone spanish sim card but as yet not registerd with the authorities. ie what details do I need to take with me when i go in August. The mobile phone I have is an unlocked british nokia.I am also a non resident.

Thanks for any help


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30 Jun 2009 22:04 by Annie21 Star rating. 368 posts Send private message

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Hi Goldie

I registered my orange sim cards when I was over in May. Very painless process - just went to our local orange shop with my phones, passport & a recent utility bill & they did it all from there. I'm sure if you go to your local vodafone shop they can sort it for you no problem.

Hope this helps.

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30 Jun 2009 22:12 by morerosado Star rating in Guardamar del Segura.... 6942 posts Send private message

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Hi Goldie

After I last posted we did go into the local Movistar shop where we'd been before (after getting that text) & they said new info meant they needed it redoing. We have had it all checked elsewhere now & all's well. Updated info below


May 2009

We have a Spanish Movistar SIM card. Movistar shop only wanted our SIM card (they remove the SIM card from whatever phone you're using it in, that hardly matters, as it's the serial number on the SIM card that they register) & passport of person who is registering the phone. They get you to sign your signature on an electronic pad then print off a form with your details on & that has a copy of your signature on it. You need to keep this form. No utility bill required. After all it's not just people who own or those who rent who have Spanish SIMs. Not everyone therefore has utility bills.

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30 Jun 2009 22:32 by Team GB Star rating. 1186 posts Send private message

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As I understand it if you don't register your sim you will just be cut off at some point in the future, if your present phone number is not important it might be a good time to compare your existing t&cs,costs etc, it might be a better deal to get a new one.





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