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30 Mar 2009 12:00 AM by sandiewk Star rating. 6 posts Send private message


We have discovered that we are paying what seems to be a lot for our internet and landline from Telefonica.  Our bills are about 45 euros per month and we never use the landline.  Is there a way of receiving the internet without a landline?  Is there another company we can use which charges less?


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30 Mar 2009 3:56 PM by Marksfish Star rating in Vera, Almeria. 2626 posts Send private message

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Depends what TF package you are on. Looking at their site it shows the uncapped 1Mb download speed at €29.90 per month, then you have the line rental of (I think) around €19pm. You get some free calls with this too.

I have Iberbanda, internet only, no telephone calls which is €39pm + iva. So you can see it is about the same as your TF service.

I have read on here somewhere that the likes of Orange and others provide ADSL, but you must have a TF line for ADSL to work. Vodafone have an offer as well, but it relies on how good the 3G service is in your area, that too is about €39pm. The last one is Euphony, which is generally a "dongle" for about €30pm. So as you see, much more expensive than in the UK!


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30 Mar 2009 4:14 PM by sandiewk Star rating. 6 posts Send private message

Thanks Mark for taking the trouble to reply with details, it's appreciated.  I didn't realise it would be much more expensive than in the UK.  Oh well, so be it - we can't survive without the internet.................. 

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31 Mar 2009 8:46 AM by jencoo Star rating in east Yorkshire/ Daya.... 131 posts Send private message


It depends on where you are located, there are some other suppliers that can work out cheaper, and not using telefonica.

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31 Mar 2009 11:17 AM by Eva2008 Star rating in Reading. 152 posts Send private message

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Hi there, I sell 3G mobile internet.

Its a USB stick that connects directly to Orange without a landline.

99 euro connection and then 24.90 a month, up to 7.2 meg (fast) internet, works all over Spain.

IM me for further info and my web site.


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02 Apr 2009 10:42 AM by firsteuro Star rating in Hondon de las Nieves. 58 posts Send private message

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I am inland from Alicante and telefonica will not touch us here.

We use a radio based system operated by Enersol (commenersol) in Novelda. For €32 a month you receive 2mb broadband plus telephone line. The service can be a little hit and miss and I believe is a victim of its own success with many clients and limited bandwidth. They do promise to improve the service but we have all heard that before. You can upgrade to 4mb as well for extra cost.

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04 Apr 2009 7:45 PM by dunmovin Star rating in gorga, alicante. 28 posts Send private message

I recently got an orange dongle from phone shop consession in carrefore.Connection and dongle were free and charged 45 euros per month with unlimited download/upload. As telefonica can't say when they will get around to telling me when or if they will give me a landline, this seemed the best option.I now use skype for telephone calls(much cheaper than telefonica) . the speed is good ,3.6mbps, however that does vary depend on which part of the house we are in.

It was my misfortune that I had not waited two days and took the two year contract , because they launched an offer of a free laptop two days after I got the dongle

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05 Apr 2009 8:27 AM by bluesy Star rating. 16 posts Send private message

Depends on where you are as has already been said

but if you are in the Malaga or Nerja areas then  Bamboo Telecom do a wireless broadband connection for 30 euros per month and you don't need a landline

In the Marbella area mercury Internet provide a similar service for about the same price.


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06 Apr 2009 11:07 PM by Emerald Property Management Star rating in Estepona,Malaga. 179 posts Send private message

I wou;d not recommend Telefonica to anyone....(here comes the rant!!!)

Having been with them for a few months we moved house and it took them a whole month to cut off our old apartment(which had other tennants by then) and connect our new one.(they charged us for the month!)

Then, 4 weeks ago they cut our internet for no reason what so ever. All bills were paid and telephone still working. Having spoken to customer services in English, who said the internet connection was working fine, they told me to call the tech department( not a free call) who only speak Spanish and were not willing to try to get by with me,I had to get SPanish friends to call.( i owe ALOT of people a thank you drink!). Tech said the internet had been cut off and told me to call customer services back! This went on for 3 weeks with me calling both daily and repeatedly being told someone would come to my house to sort it out within 48 hours. Tech then started putting me through to the commercial department who asked why I was calling them? When speaking to customer services I said I was not willing to pay for the months internet Iine rental as I had to had it and was told I could claim the money back AFTER someone had been to the house to sort it out!!!!

After banging our heads against a brick wall for so long with no clear answer at the end I have now switched to Orange today and finally am back online!!!

So far so good with them.....will let you know!!!

Vicci Healy  Emerald Property Management and Building Specialists ...

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