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29 Mar 2010 18:42:

Are you sure,  that you have not swapped a fake 200 Euro note, for two fake 100 Euro notes, before you disappeared pronto ?!!!

Thread: Beware!!!!! forged notes!!

27 Jan 2010 23:48:

Hi Richard,

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Thread: On Airport Parking Murcia Airport

22 Jan 2010 16:50:

I do not know the exact wording on this, but if my MOT has expired in January, I have had the vehicle off the roadway doing repairs, for example, I then decide in April to go back on the road with it, I can legally drive the vehicle, (whether or not it is taxed,... but it must be insured), to an MOT testing station of my choice, where I had PRE BOOKED the test to be done.

This of course is the situation in the UK, but I would be surprised, if the small print says that you can't start the journey in Spain.

Isn't imagination a wonderful thing.


Thread: Any way of getting a MOT in spain, or equivalent.

06 Jan 2010 22:12:

Rocking Horses ? !!!


Thread: work

05 Jan 2010 18:30:

Many thanks for that Maria.

If a Spanish lawer didn't know, then no one would !

I read on another forum,  that I should state that I am buying a car. Does that mean they will give me an additional piece of paper ?

Been having a look at your blog,......my,....  what a busy woman you are !

Thanks again....David.

Thread: Bits of paper required to obtain Padron ?


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