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05 Nov 2020 10:55 by Tony_Mallorca Star rating in Mallorca. 4 posts Send private message

Hi everyone,

I am in the process of developing a website to file taxes for non residents with properties in Spain. 

The idea is to make tax compliance simple, secure, quick without incurring in excesive fees that some "gestorías" charged. 

In this regard, I really appreciate if some of you can describe what bothers the most regarding tthe non resident tax returns in Spain and what solutions/tools would be useful for the self assessment of Form 210.

Happy to read any other suggestion regarding this matter.

Thank you very much.



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07 Nov 2020 10:01 by jayneyd Star rating. 4 posts Send private message

Hi Tony, I use a great company here in the UK that fill in all the necessaries for me, they print and send the 210 forms to me, so I can then pay the tax at my Spanish bank. 

John at spanishtaxforms has been very helpful over the years and it's easier than trying to tackle the forms myself, but I would like to learn how to do it myself.

What's off putting for me, is not knowing how to fill out the forms and if I'd be calculating the tax correctly.  

Would your website be a step by step guide for people like myself that have never filled in the forms before and would it allow you to pay the tax also, or are you just providing the 210 forms? 

I'd be interested to know more and what fee you'd be charging? 

Thanks, Jayne!



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07 Nov 2020 16:01 by pengwynne Star rating in Warwickshire and Ten.... 30 posts Send private message

pengwynne´s avatar

If your keen on submitting your own Modelo 210 online, click on..... It will inform you on everything you need to know.


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09 Nov 2020 17:14 by Tony_Mallorca Star rating in Mallorca. 4 posts Send private message

Hi jayneyd,

Thank you very much for your response. 

The website would be a step by step guide for people who want to fill in 210 forms themselves without specific spanish tax knowledge. The website would be made by spanish tax experts and registered with the tax office in order to file online form 210. As a user, you would have only to register (for security reasons), enter the relevant data, pay and file the form with confidence. If you have an spanish bank account you would be able to direct debit the payment or, if your prefer, generate the relevant 210 form and pay directly through your bank. Also, I would include a payment intermediation service for those who prefer not paying through their bank account.

In your user dashboard there would be the record with all previous declarations filed, next due dates and customer support provided by spanish tax experts (if needed). Of course, all data will be encrypted to ensure extreme security.

I am thinking to charge a flat fee of 30€ (VAT included) for each form 210 (sale, "imputed" income or rental income). Finallu, there would be other services free of charge like a simple spanish tax guide for non residents, a spanish tax caculator or a tax resicency test.

Do you think 30€ is a reasonable price for the service?  Is there any other service you would appreciate? Happy to hear your feedback :)

Thanks .



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09 Nov 2020 20:28 by jayneyd Star rating. 4 posts Send private message

Hi Tony,

All sounds good, but the company I use isn't much dearer to send the 210 forms to me, so a 30 euro charge isn't what I would want to pay, seeing as I'd still be doing a lot myself if I'm reading correctly! 

Or is the website free to use yourself and you are just charging the 30 euro to prepare and send the forms? I have 2 lots of 210 forms sent for me and my husband, so would you charge this amount for all forms needed?


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09 Nov 2020 21:34 by Tony_Mallorca Star rating in Mallorca. 4 posts Send private message

Hi Jayneyd, 

The 30€ fee would include the submission of the form before the spanish tax authorites so in the majority of the cases you would not need to do any extra work appart from fill in the gaps :). The idea is that the user could choose among three payment methods: (i) direct debit to his/her Spanish bank account (ii) make a transfer to our tax company and we would arrange the payment in Spain (iii) do the payment on his/her own by taking the 210 forms to the spanish bank. Only if you choose the last method you would need to bring the forms to the bank. The other ones can be submitted and paid 100% online as the company would be an official collaborator of the tax office (AEAT).

The objective is that user would not spend more the 30 minutes for the whole process and without having to arrange the payment with the bank (unless you wish to).

The use of the website would be free of charge and you would only pay if we submitt the form 210 on your behalf. The 30€ would be per form, but it can be reduced to 25€ if there is one property and two or more owners.

Thanks again for your feedback, it is really useful to learn about non resident's needs regarding form 210 :)


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05 Dec 2020 15:15 by lijaloo Star rating. 40 posts Send private message

I always complete the forms myself and take them to the bank. Previously I had the electonic signature to post them online but that was on an old computer and I believe they need to be updated regularly.  All I would use is the submission of the form so even 25 euros per form, there are two, is a bit steep in my opinion. 

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05 Dec 2020 16:25 by Tony_Mallorca Star rating in Mallorca. 4 posts Send private message

Thanks lijaloo for your message! 

I'll take note of your suggestion. Initially the site will be a step-by-step guide to prepare and file Form 210, but I will consider to include, as a separate service, an online submission service for those who already know how to fill in the form. Probably, we can provide that specific service for a slightly cheaper price.


Hi guys, 

I created this thread few months ago. After several months working hard on the project, I am very happy to share with you the result: IberianTax. It would be great if any of you could test the site (totally free) and give me some feedback. Hopefully, some of you (specially those who are giving hundreds away on fees) may find the service useful.

IberianTax makes tax form 210 filing simple and affordable. With the service you can submit electronically either annual returns for imputed income or quarterly returns for rental income. The website is completely in english, up-to-date to the latest Spanish tax law legislation and includes the payment of the tax online for the same price. In other words, you can file and pay your Spanish taxes online, without knowing Spanish and from home.

Thanks in advance!! :)


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