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03 Oct 2007 00:00 by brian755 Star rating in your mind and any wh.... 49 posts Send private message

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The Link Below Takes You To What I Am  Refering To Here In My Posting.Thanks For Clicking On It And Enjoy What Is Good Advice!

Hello, as you may or may not know I have been trying to sell a first class luxury apartment at a reduced price for some months now. Because of the market situation it has been difficult for most people and has made people like my self that are desperate to sell, to reduce their places to a price that is attractive to new buyers. I my self am selling at a reduced price, 30,000 euros to be precise. But why is my 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom with studio lounge that can in total sleep 8 people be more attractive than most?


Well here are a few reasons that I believe makes it a cut above the rest.

When you buy anything you are not just buying the item its self you are buying its surroundings, its history, its condition, which will prove its value in the future. Almost like its DNA. So when we are discussing houses and apartments or property in general you have to know what you are buying into. The agents do their bit to sell it to you but unless they own it them selves they will not be able to know for sure its true surroundings when it comes to the community. A big part of what I am attempting to explain here comes down to its neighbors and community and the community spirit. Two completely different things here. You will have a community but if the spirit is non existent then you have problems.

Over 72% of moves happen due to people not being content with their neighbors, surroundings etc. So who ever buys my place will be buying peace of mind in this area. We have a community that has gelled together from the start; it's taken 4 years to get 98% of it all perfect. You see when you buy into a NEW urbanization for example although you can move in quite soon there is so much that needs to be done from postal boxes and rubbish areas sorted out, the street lighting, the community fees that have to be paid, the community its self of course the cleaning of your blocks, who maintains the garden areas, who will over see it is done correctly, who will keep on top of issues that are addressed by the Spanish attitude of "Tomorrow , Tomorrow" (No disrespect meant) The community pool if you have one, who will make sure its only used by the owners/renters etc.

Here is a prime example of what can happen…

On our urbanization there are many community pools but they are used by people who should not be using them at all. When they use them they do not respect them in the way they would if it was their own. One near by to me has suffered tremendously. For example people leaving bottles and broken glass around the pool area, some went into the pool its self, there were faeces found floating around, some was at the bottom and many other nasty items were found there. When this happens the pools should be drained and cleaned.

It costs thousands of euros to do this and mostly it does not happen, it’s a health hazard. Our community right from the start has fenced off our boundaries in the pool area and put in security gating, which is only accessible to key holders. Our blocks have also got security gating on the main entrance of the building it's self to stop any one accessing the garage area and indeed stop unwelcome people wondering around. These are just two examples of how important a community spirit is and indeed one that is ESTABLISHED and working, a big difference. Noise control and rules that are enforced by all is another luxury we have.

What I am saying in short is it's so easy to buy a place in Spain, being happy with all that comes with it is quite another. Once you have purchased you could be there for some time. Make sure you do not end up shackled to a place that you are unhappy with due to your neighbors or the neighbor hood environment. If I do not sell this soon I will indeed sell up here and move into it myself, which was going to be the plan any way but not for another 10 years or so. I am very proud of our community and I have not minded sharing this with you all and hopefully drawing your attention to some very over looked issues. I am also offering a

"Try Before You Buy" Contact me for details.

Best Regards.


Its not what you are- its who you are that matters in life!

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