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13 Jun 2015 18:28 by seafront Star rating. 4 posts Send private message

More about the area, San Juan de Los Terreros, Pulpi, Almeria.

With a lovely microclimate, a place where the sunshines almost all year round, with good temperatures, the weather in San Juan de Los Terreros is just perfect. Stunning scenery, contrasting mountains against the green fields and sandy beaches.

Golf courses - Aguilón Golf is just 3 km away, while Desert Springs, Marina de la Torre and Valle de Este Golf can all be found not too far away.

Amenities for all year round living- Numerous Bars and beach front bar/chiringuito, and a new commercial centre offering, bars, restaurants, shops, super market and gym facilities, classes of pilate, body fitness, running club and more. Open all year round, San Juan de los Terreros has facilities covering all the basic daily needs including Medical Center and Pharmacy.  Finally, a short drive you will find; Pulpi and also Aguilas, with its diverse commercial centers and range of services associated with a much larger town is a short car journey away.  Trains run locally making the area accessible to all without the need for a car

1 hour from Almeria airport, 45 minutes from Murcia airport & 1,5 hours from Alicante. In addition a new highway connects directly with Cartagena and La Manga del Mar Menor.

And here is information on the beaches.


Beach of Los Cocedores - the last point of Pulpi, joins Murcia.

La Cala de los Cocedores on the Andalucian coast, bordered by the autonomous community of Murcia and the Palm Beach, is accessed by the national A 332 towards Aguilas. Just before the crossing we take the first turning right onto a dirt road, is indicated "La cala de las Cocedores" . The car can be parked close to the beach in designated areas.

It's a fine isolated cove of the urban area, pristine under optimal conditions and shallow, ideal for children, with a length of 150 m and a width of 20m, sand is golden, of which only appear in the islands of the Caribbean.

What fascinates this pristine beach, plus its water, is that both sides are eye-catching wild and natural cliffs where we see a beautiful landscape of sandstone caves. They formerly inhabited by people who cooked the rush, hence the name of this cove. Its occupancy rate is high.



Public toilets.Bins and containers.Housekeeping.Disabled Access Gateway.A beachside bar.Car access to disabled parkingCar park.

Las Palmeras

Extensive secluded beach in the urban area of San Juan de los Terreros, located at the mouth of the Arejos Rambla, is arrived at San Juan de los Terreros- Aguilas  A-332. Access is on foot, leave the car at the side of the road. With a length of 400 meters and a width of 20 meters. Composed mainly gravel and golden sand, its waters are crystal clear and shallow.

This beach is surrounded by beautiful cliffs, that of Honduras, declared Georrecurso Andalusian and close to the beach of Los Cocedores, where caves dating back to the Neolithic are. This tranquil setting is named by a set of palm trees that are in front of the sea in this beach are the remains of an old Noria, which supplied water to nearby farms.

The occupancy rate is very low because it is located in a natural setting.



Public ToiletsCleaning services.Bins and containers.Car park.Playa Calataray

Extensive secluded beach in the urban area of San Juan de los Terreros. It is situated on the cliffs of Honduras (vs. Black Island/ Las Negras), and the rambla of Arejos.

The access drive towards San Juan de los Terreros- Aguilas on the A-332. Has a parking area. With a length of 1000 meters and a width of 25 meters. Composed mainly of gravel, which gives it a bit touristy nature bath so its occupancy rate is low.

This beach is surrounded by the beautiful cliffs of Honduras declared Georrecurso Andaluz.



Car park.Public toilets.Bins and containers.Housekeeping.

Cala La Invincible

Little Creek of singular beauty situated in the resort of Cala Tranquilla, between the Castle and Quiet/Tranquilla Coast. It is accessed by the A-332 towards Bailen (towards the Castle) and then street address Invincible. Parking is on the streets of the development.

Not having qualified for parking areas, you must find street parking in the development.

Its length is 50 meters and a width of 20 meters, occupancy is high due to its excellent composition of fine golden sand with calm waters.

Its cliffs of sandstone him a special tone ocher. The beauty of its natural environment is somewhat eclipsed by the urbanization of the area but still its cliffs are especially beautiful.  View property for sale in this beach area:



Bins and containers.Public toilets.Shower and / or foot wash.Housekeeping.Car park.Car access to disabled parking.Cala Costa Tranquila "La Tía Fernanda"

Small urban creek located in the quiet residential area of the coast between Cala Invincible and the Cuartel/ Barracks, is accessed by calle Bailen. At 50 meters in length and an average width of 75 meters, with fine golden sand and calm, shallow waters.

Surrounded by houses on the higher level, has a snack bar on the beach and beautiful views of the cliff. It has an average occupancy rate. With easy access by foot and car, ideal for the whole family.



Bins and containers.Housekeeping.Snack.Shower and / or foot wash.Public toilets.Footbridges.Disabled access.Parking.Car access to disabled parking.Cala Cuartel

Small urban cove located in San Juan de los Terreros between Costa Quiet Creek and Creek Aunt Antonia. It can be accessed by following the street that has the same name of the cove; owes its name to that formerly there was a civil guard barracks in the area, easy parking.

Very quiet and pleasant is 75 meters long and 20 meters wide, has a calm, clear, shallow waters sheltered by beautiful sandstone cliffs. Its fine golden sand, both on and off the water. Normally the level of occupancy of this cove is medium.



Cleaning services.Shower and / or foot wash.Public toilets.Car park.Car access to disabled parking.Nautical Canal and docking area.Bins and containers.Cala de la Tía Antonia

Small urban cove located in San Juan de los Terreros between Cala El Cuartel and El Puntal (fantastic natural promontory). Easy walk and drive by Dolphin Street (calle Delfin), where you can leave the vehicle and access on foot.

It has a length of 75 meters and a width of 20, consists of fine golden sand, it's on the bottom of the sea, and calm, clear waters. Ideal for small children.




Disabled accessFootbridges.Public toilets.Shower and / or footwash.Parking.Car access to disabled parking.Housekeeping.Trash containers.Cala Rincón de los Nidos

Small urban cove located in San Juan de los Terreros between Aunt Antonia Creek and Sea/Mar Rabiosa. You can access it by road to the vicinity of El Puntal and park nearby.

Very quiet and pleasant is 20 meters long and 10 meters wide, has a calm, clear, shallow water and is sheltered by beautiful sandstone cliffs.

Its fine golden sand, both on and off the water. It is characterized by the existence of typical cave houses dug into the rock by the sea. It has a high occupancy level.



Parking.Car access to the nearby creek.Bins and containers.Housekeeping.

Playa Mar Rabiosa

The most iconic and busy San Juan de los Terreros urban beach. Located between calica Aunt Antonia and the famous Pichirichi, the beginning of the promenade .It reached by the A-332 is parked in the Salinas and head on foot via the promenade.

Paya urbanized of than 250 m long and 20 m wide, with golden sand and shallow clear water and not cold, though usually the sea is a little more rough than its neighbor the Mar Serena Sea, being more exposed to waves, hence the name .

From this beach you can see the Isla de Terreros, and behind it is a large promenade, casual setting for various leisure activities and culture. Great occupancy for its high quality products and services. It has a Q for Quality Tourism./ Blue Flag



Public toilets adapted.Showers and footwash.Bins and containers.Disabled access and amphibious chair.Housekeeping.The gateway, accessible beach.Playground.Beach bars.Car park.Car access to disabled parking.Lifesaving, surveillance, rescue equipment.El Pichirichi

Wonderful golden rock that divides the sea, witness to all visitors for its spectacular views. Meeting and leisure point where kids and adults jump into the crystal clear sea surrounding it.  On the night of San Juan and the Virgin, August 14th all eyes glaring at the outbreak of fireworks which emanate from the rock.

Shaped like a whale, this unique promontory divides the main beach of San Juan de los Terreros, Cala Serena and Sea Rabiosa

Recently there has been placed a wooden walkway, to facilitate the rise up to Pichirichi, allowing access to people with disabilities. It has also become another gateway to facilitate the arrival of boats in the high season for tourists.

The Pichirichi is located in the center of San Juan de los Terreros so its visibility and access is easy given the proximity to the promenade.

Finally note that the quality of the waters which surround the rock are crystal clear and you can see the seagrass meadows and enjoy a tranquil unspoiled environment.


Playa Serena

The name of this beach is for the calm waters. It is situated in the tourist town of San Juan de los Terreros, between Mar Rabiosa and Calypso.

The nearest by road or via A- 332 (Vera-Aguilas) and A-350 Pulpí access.

It is a large urban beach 700 meters long and 35m wide, golden sand and shallow, calm and crystal clear waters ideal for bathing children.

Serena Mar Beach is backed by an extensive promenade, casual setting for various activities undertaken by the town council in the summer months.

The average occupancy of the beach is high, especially during July and August.

Like its neighboring beaches, Cala Rabiosa and Calypso has the 'Q' Quality Tourism / Bue Flag.



Public toilets adapted for disabled use alsoShowers and footwash.Bins and containers.Disabled access and amphibious chair.Housekeeping.The gateway, accessible beach.Playground.Beach bars.Car park.Car access to disabled parking.Lifesaving, surveillance, rescue equipment.

Cala Calypso

Beautiful urban beach next to the hotel Calypso and the beginning of the promenade. It is accessed by car via the A332 (Cuevas del Almanzora / Aguilas) road. With dimensions of 250 meters long and 20 meters wide. Its waters are shallow and calm, and fine golden sand, both in and out of the water.

With breathtaking views of Pichirichi and Isle de Terreros. It has a high occupancy rate.

It has the "Q" Quality Tourism / Blue Flag, which certifies optimal equipment.

It acquired its name in the 1950s when landed the legendary boat Captain Cousteau.



Car park.The gateway to the disabled.Public toilets adapted.Shower and / or footwash.Bins and containers.Housekeeping.Snack and hotel nearby.Rental umbrellas and hammocks.Lifesaving, surveillance, rescue equipment.Cala Entrevista

Impressive non urban beach with a length of 1000 meters long and 20 meters wide, with easy access on foot or by car. It is located at the mouth of the streams of Interview and Horses, near the Bellavista urbanization, a cute side with the Calypso and the other side with the beautiful beach of Nardos.

Its composition is gravel and sand at the mouth of the gully and the rest is stone, ideal for diving and having a vast meadow of Posidonia.

It features a palm which is at its nearby beach .This is a great example of fossil beach great geomorphological and paleontological interest. Still retains its own coastal dune vegetation of semi-fixed Murcia-Almeria provinces, with numerous endemic species.



Anchoring zone.Nautical Channel.Lifesaving, surveillance, rescue equipment.Parking.Housekeeping.Shower and / or footwash.Playa Los Nardos


Non urban beach located on the boundary of the municipality of Cuevas de Almanzora and Pulpí, with the urbanization Pulpí Sea/mar de Pulpi alongside it, between the playa entrevista and the municipality of Cuevas del Almanzora. Easy access by car.

It has 500 meters long by 20 meters wide composed of gravel and stones, shallow waters are ideal for diving, swimming and boating.   Beneath the water, Posidonia, largest and best preserved of Almeria.

It is a fossil beach of great geological interest  and is called the Nardos by the presence of a plant whose huge white flower gives an added beauty to this beach in September. Also presents is dune vegetation a protected species worldwide, only seen here.

It is the best preserved of eastern Almería, an ideal place to snooze and feel isolated and protected from sight by its lush vegetation of bushes, palms and agaves.


Lifesaving, surveillance, rescue equipment.Public toilets.Bins and containers.Housekeeping.Snack.Rental umbrellas and hammocks.Parking.View more information on the subject at grupo platinum. Or inmosanjuandelosterreros

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14 Jun 2015 02:34 by strawberryblonde Star rating. 5 posts Send private message

Nearly bought a Villa there once nice place

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14 Jun 2015 09:55 by randolph Star rating. 167 posts Send private message

We did buy a place there...........never regretted it :)

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