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14 Jun 2015 02:37:

Anybody had any dealings with this company


Offering a no win no fee 



Thread: No win no fee

14 Jun 2015 02:34:

Nearly bought a Villa there once nice place

Thread: san juan de los terreros

03 Mar 2012 00:00:

A friend / associate of mine on instruction from his previous lawyer paid his deposits for property on Trampolin Hills into the Cajamar bank (not a special account) and did not receive a bank guarantee.

He has now got a new lawyer who is trying to get his money back for him and they are making a claim against the La Caixa bank who have a collective generic bank guarantee. I was thinking of going down the same road but I find it hard to believe that the La Caixa bank are in anyway responsible for the return of his deposits when he did not deposit any money with them.

I would appreciate anybodys take on this as i do not want to throw more good money after bad if this case is unlikely to succeed.

Any ideas ?

Thread: Generic Bank Guarantee's

29 Dec 2010 16:24:

Hola Maria


Does the same apply if the deposits were not paid into a special account  and only into a ordinary bank account held by the builder.





Thread: Trampolin Hills under unsolvency procedings


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