car insurance problems with Liberty Seguros

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02 Sep 2014 09:35 by Geoffrey321 Star rating. 2 posts Send private message

I have had my car insurance with Liberty Seguros for the last 9 years without making a claim

Around 75 days ago my UK registered LHD car was stolen and now Liberty Seguros are saying that because the registered keeper of the car is a motor dealer based in the UK they will not pay out on the policy

I have sent Liberty Seguros a letter from the motor dealer stating that although they are the registerd keeper of the car that I am the actual owner

I am not a Spanish resident and the car has a currrent British MOT and road tax

I would appperciate any advice on how to proceed

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02 Sep 2014 11:03 by acer Star rating. 1383 posts Send private message

Hi Geoffrey,

Please can you expand on the situation and the insurers reasons for the repudiation, eg

~ what is the relationship between you and the UK motor dealer?

~ why was this arrangement in place etc?

~ is the UK motor dealer a firm of good standing?

~ were they originally involved when you insured the vehicle 9 years ago?

~ is there any conflict/disagreement between you and the UK motor dealer?

~ are you connected to the motor trade job wise?

~ have you had a large number of vehicle changes in the 9 years?

~ do Liberty Seguros give any implied reason that they say affects their situation ie increase in risk, non disclosure of a material fact etc?

~ whose names appeared on the proposal form, was this relationship disclosed at any time?

~ if you are a non res and this is a LHD UK reg car why was the vehicle insured in Spain?

~ was the vehicle normally kept in Spain?

~ did the theft take place in Spain?

~ was it reported to the police?

~ was the vehicle recovered?

These questions are not intended as at all critical, but I cannot quite get to grips with the facts, but possibly there is something else lurking in their minds.  Insurers are a suspicious and nuerotic breed and react adversely to any situation which is at all different, particularly if it is a surprise, even though it may not be relevant.

Feel free to reply by PM if you prefer.

You can fool some of the people all of the time…and those are the ones to focus on. Donald Trump.

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