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05 Apr 2014 11:44 by aliton Star rating. 331 posts Send private message

Booked a car through EOS ( Do you Spain ). Just for 5 days.. expecting to have "pick up full and return empty" policy but at the Check in Desk the Lady told me "any unused fuel would be re-credited to my card".  On return with the car to Alicanti Airport i asked the staff near returns bays to check the car in . Was a bit surprised they just said post the keys in the Letter Box without even looking at the car.. Now im wondering if this is just another "money making exercise" as i only used less than half of the fuel .. will I get a rebate ?.. or should I have run the tank dry ? Any one have experience of this process though GOLD CAR ?? 


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05 Apr 2014 11:56 by windtalker Star rating. 1556 posts Send private message

If you read the small print they will credit you with the fuel you have left and then charge the cost of the labour to fill the car up for the next person.this refueling charge is approximately 20EU so it will probably wipe out the cost of the fuel you left in the car.


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05 Apr 2014 14:56 by foxbat Star rating in Granada. 1114 posts Send private message

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Rather more ominous than the possible loss of money from fuel left in the car is that fact that you could be charged for damage to the vehicle, real or invented and you would be hard pressed tp prove that the vehicle was undamaged when you returned it because it wasnt inspected in your presence.

For a while I worked part time for Hertz in the UK. We would always accompany the hirer when he accepted the car at the beginning of the hire; we would point out any known damage or scratches and invite the client to do his own walk round inspection. Anything we may have missed and was picked up by the client would be duly noted on the Acceptance Sheet and signed by the client. The same damage would be reported on the Vehicle History Record Card. Upon return, whenever possible, the same rep would carry out a Return inspection. Any damage or scratches not recorded on the original Acceptance Sheet would be charged to the client.

In short use the same principle whenever you hire a car, insist that any damage is recorded on your Accepatnce Inspection sheet and always insist on a rep being present and inspecting the vehicle when you return it.

Out of hours Vehicle key drop boxes are an open invitation to less scrupulous hire companies to 'invent' new damage...

The profit margins operated by Car Hire companies are surprisingly low, especially if the company retires its fleet after just two years of operation, taking into account depreciation and wear and tear. These profits are squeezed even further by the demands of third party agencies such as 'DoyouSpain' and 'Holiday Autos' and the ever increasing costs of Road, Public and Personal liability Insurance. TBH it came as no great surprìse when the hire companies started adding  fuel restrictions or additional insurance.

From a purely personal standpoint I would never use a third party agency; the agreements they have in place with the hire companies, like as not, are very different from any agreement they have with you...



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05 Apr 2014 20:21 by tech Star rating in Maidstone/Turre when.... 83 posts Send private message

I was also told by Gold car that I would get a refund for unused fuel and it was done automatically. How this works I'll just have to wait and see!

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05 Apr 2014 22:11 by aliton Star rating. 331 posts Send private message

Thanks ..I take all the input and have to say that unless I get a full refund for at least half a tank I will revisit this website and Gold Car will get bad publicity. I believe that thousands of people each day accept the car in its condition without the agents going round with a note pad .. would be almost imposible to do everyone so trust on both sides in needed.  Have hired many times and had no problems before with Firefly,Centuro, Europcar or Gold Car . But watch this space as if this is a con they will know about it, so will everyone on this site .

Windtalker said....... "They will charge 20 euros for filling it up"

I hope they dont charge for filling because the original fee for a full tank includes the fee to fill it up i.e in my case Euro 71.90 fuel  for an Astra. Its imposible to get 79 euros of petrol in an Astra. ! so i already paid that fee. 


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06 Apr 2014 19:23 by muppet Star rating in Murcia. 4 posts Send private message

I've used Goldcar twice at Murcia Airport recently and opted for the  'flexi fuel' option where they refund you for unused fuel. The amount was credited back to my card with no extra charges within a few days.  

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28 Apr 2014 18:31 by aliton Star rating. 331 posts Send private message

THANKS GOLDCAR.........As an update to the Posting , I confirm that the full refund of "half a tank of unused fuel" i e ( 44 Euro) was credited to my card account by GOLDCAR...... This is proof it was needed by anyone that the system works ..... If you are offered this sytem of paying it now seems to me a fair process......


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