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05 Jan 2014 18:01 by tomboy352 Star rating. 3 posts Send private message


I have a  Spanish holiday home, which is not let out,and occupied 8 weeks a year.  I have no income in Spain. I tried to give the Hacienda a completed paper form over the counter the last time I was in Spain, but they refused the paperwork and told me to submit online. I have filled out the 210 return and validated the form. It shows that I have nothing to pay . There was no section to calculate valor castrals which I have read about.  A few years ago, I used to complete a previous edition form, Simplificada Renta and Patrimonio which came with a property tax bill.  Is this correct ?

Also, I tried to make an electronic submission but came unstuck with error 403 and requests for electronic certificates. I found a little information on these certicicates, but it looks quite complicated. Does anyone have any easey to follow notes ?

Is my easiest option to post the form off, registered post, to the Alicante deligation ?

Thanks, C


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05 Jan 2014 21:05 by lijaloo Star rating. 40 posts Send private message

Box 21 onwards of the online form are the calculation of the non-resident income tax.  The form once completed, validated and printed needs to be presented to your bank or AEAT office (according to the website) or submitted online. To get the electronic signature, I had to complete a form online print it out, take it to the local tax office in Spain and then obtain another reference number which I then had to enter online and then save and back it all up. Haven't yet needed to submit a return online but using the electronic key I can check that all payments and returns have been received.  

If you go to the agencia tributaria website there are instructions, in English, explaining how to complete the form and how and where to submit it.

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06 Jan 2014 12:32 by tomboy352 Star rating. 3 posts Send private message

Hi Iijaloo

It looks like, as a property owner, I may have to pay a notional income tax on the property even though it is not let. Calculated on the valor catastral. Someone told me that this tax has been scrapped by Brussels about three years ago. Is this tax still in force ?

Looking at form 210, including the instructions, box 2 is for type of income. There are 27 options. Which one is applicable for this notinal income tax ?

Or do I just make the calculation and enter it as income in box 2 and box 5.?

Or as you suggested, just enter my calculations in box 21 onward, leaving 2 and 5 blank.?

electronic submissions can wait, I will submit by post.




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06 Jan 2014 12:58 by lijaloo Star rating. 40 posts Send private message

A bit further down in the Spnish Tax Forum there is a thread Change to Tax rate for non-resident owners which explains exactly what you need to do and how to complete the forms.  The box 02 needs to show income from urban property as that is the class of tax you are paying.  It also explains how to obtain the electronic key'signature.

The amount due is based on the Valor Catastral and yes you do still need to pay this tax based on notional income or imputed rental income. 

The form cannot be submitted by post it has to be submitted either electroncally, using an electronic signature or presented at a bank in Spain.  (read the guidance notes on the Agencia Tributaria website which are in English)  The deadline for submission of the 2012 non resident tax return was December 31st 2013.  The Spanish tax year runs Jan to Dec.

If you look at the thread I have referred you to you will see that others have forwarded the completed forms to friends in Spain for submission at their bank.  

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06 Jan 2014 16:50 by tomboy352 Star rating. 3 posts Send private message

Thankyou for your advice..Lijaloo, I also found useful information at Andalucia and Southern Spain website ? I will have some penalities to pay but will make personal representation in March.



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06 Jan 2014 18:05 by johnzx Star rating in Spain. 5247 posts Send private message

Tomboy.   I have filled out the 210 return and validated the form. It shows that I have nothing to pay . 


If you have owned the property for over a year then that assumption is wrong. You will have tax to pay.

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