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19 Feb 2013 10:31 PM by Sten46 Star rating in Hatton, Derbyshire &.... 243 posts Send private message


There is a possibility that our two grand children aged 3 and 1 year, may becoming to live here in Spain.

As it is many years since we had dealings with schools, can anyone give us advice or information on how to go about infant schooling.

At this time they do not speak any spanish at all, will they be able to adapt?

How difficult will it be for them?


Thank you in advance for your time and advice. 



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20 Feb 2013 7:35 AM by eos_ian Star rating in Valencia. 506 posts Send private message

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Hi Sten

Spanish schooling shouldn't be any problem at all. They are so young they will adapt very quickly and pick up the language in the best way possible because at that age they haven't even learnt english yet so they are young enough to learn it as a native child would. School starts at three years of age. I wouldn't worry too much kids adapt very quickly and tend to be very social at that age and are sponges when it comes to languages. They'll pick it up without even realising it. Not like us!! Who had to really work at it! All I can suggest is you find a good school, research as much as you can, go there have a look and get a feel for the teachers and the atmosphere. I have had very good experiences with schools and very bad ones. Unfortunately it can be pot luck but research all you can.


Good Luck



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20 Feb 2013 8:21 AM by eos_ian Star rating in Valencia. 506 posts Send private message

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 I will give you one more word of advice, if you are opting for state schooling rather than private I would recommend a state school instead of a "subsidised  state school" known as "Colegio Concertados". There are two types of state schools in Spain. Years ago after Spain was very short of state schools and reached an agreement with the Church to convert all the religious private schools into state schools. However they follow different rules. They are financed by the State but maintain complete control over their staff and the state can't intervene in their process of selection. They decide who they hire. This sometimes means that you will find numerous members of the same family working under the same roof as nepetisim is still very common in Spain especially when salaries are guaranteed by the state. It shouldn't be a problem but can be when there is a problem with a teacher or another member of staff. We had a rather difficult situation when our daughter was being bullied by the daughter of a teacher, who turned out the be the sister if the director, and head of primary, her class teacher turned a blind eye to it as she turned out to be a cousin. The head of music was also related to the head of primary, a brother in law and in turn his sister also worked at the school! The list continued! So if you had a problem with one you can imagine who was around to help you!! We eventually took her out as it was impossible to continue. I hope it is not the case in other schools but it issomething worth having in mind when you do your research.



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