New noisy bar in comunidad, Costa Blanca

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01 Jan 2013 17:42 by laup Star rating. 7 posts Send private message

Our community comprises of around 24 flats, plus 8 "locals" on the ground floor. The owner of two joined locals has allowed them to be made into a noisy dance bar run by a third party. Attempts to control noise output at up to 3am have not worked, both of music noise, vibration through the fabric of building and customers noise on terrace in front of local.

Since our community rules state that:
No activity shall be carried out which causes offence to residents
No person shall make or allow such noise as to disturb any residents of the community
Each owner shall be responsible for the behaviour of their tenants, guests and visitors

- should we be continuing our unsuccessful attempts to get the bar tenant to restrict noise, or is it the owner of the local who we should pursue for being in breach of the above rules? Can we force him to evict his tenant?

Should he have informed the change of use from previous use as offices, we understand that application for bar licences have been applied for, we're told for opening until 3.30 am, but no one has contacted the community for our thoughts?

The owner is of course part of our community, but doesn't own a flat here so is not suffering from the noise.
Thanks for any advice, and information on laws regarding noise.

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01 Jan 2013 17:54 by I_Love_javea Star rating in Gibraltar / Morocco .... 125 posts Send private message

Hi, can you tell me where the bar is? My three sons are here on holiday and they and their friends are looking for somewhere to party till the early hours as every thing here shuts too early. They and their Spanish friends are looking for somewhere to party until dawn.


Shiny happy people - where?

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03 Jan 2013 12:35 by Mungry Star rating. 329 posts Send private message


i dont knwo if your reply is a wind up but well done if it is


i coldnt stay away from you miserable whining whingers for some reason

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03 Jan 2013 12:47 by I_Love_Javea Star rating in Gibraltar / Morocco .... 125 posts Send private message



Shiny happy people - where?

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03 Jan 2013 13:08 by johnzx Star rating in Spain. 5247 posts Send private message


Have you tried speaking to your Adminstration ?

And or the Policia Local ?


(I am speaking  from a non professional angle, giving only my personal opinion on what you might do)


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04 Jan 2013 21:05 by Jacksonsadmin Star rating in Marbella , Malaga. 78 posts Send private message

 Hello; This a matter for the administrator of the community to sort out for you. The administrator is paid to deal withe community problems.

Firstly you state a breach of rules of the community has been made & this is a action that the local owner ( member of your community ) is responsible for not his tenant.The administrator should commence action against him immediately on this basis.

The licencing process should have made the community aware of the opening times & use of the bar for music.The administrator or the community of owners should have received this notice to object to originally.The administrator should take this up with the local ayuntamiento as well as raising the objections to the breach of the community rules & the discomfort the members are now living with.They may then reduce the hours & times for music of the bar.

Complaining of the noise to the local police who are part of the ayuntamiento on a regular basis will also aid your case.You should hold a diary on these complaints as evidence.

I hope this helps.


F.Parkinson Administradore






f.parkinson @

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05 Jan 2013 13:21 by laup Star rating. 7 posts Send private message

Thank you Mr Parkinson and Johnzx for your constructive replies; I will follow your kind advice and let you know the outcome.

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