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27 Aug 2013 11:13 AM:

Did they rent through an official agent, so called "agent" or one of the many working from home on the internet? Now that sales are few and far between with much lower commisions many are relying on rentals to make ends meet and unfortunately what you describe is common place. When you dig deeper you find that many are also taking a finders fee from the tenants as well as the commission from the property owners. Best advice is to rent direct from the owners whenever possible.


20 Aug 2013 6:29 PM:

Mike - sorry meant "glass half empty" brigade


20 Aug 2013 6:06 PM:

Mike - I like your style - keep up the good work. You views will be shot down by the glass half full brigade of Brits on this site.


19 Aug 2013 4:16 PM:

Simples, there shite! Lie about speed, sell tv package then just change / cut the channels available (use excuse that this is free (you ae only paying for the phone or internet not the tv so why are you complaining). TV is unwatchable on large tv screen, no HD, the list goes on. Treat you as morons and say everything is ok at there end must be your end. Just look at all the complaints on the really great busy forums available for expats.

Thread: Has anyone used Europa Network for internet and UK TV?

19 Aug 2013 4:10 PM:

In the words of the great Harry Hill: FIGHT!


Thread: Legal action in UK over spanish properry debt


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