swimming pool electrical and water costs

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09 May 2012 12:30 by anthomo16 Star rating. 104 posts Send private message

Hi if there are any Presidents or Administrators of a Community out there who can help it would be appreciated. We share costs of a 20m x 5m pool with another Fase ratio is to us 40/22. I am concerned about the huge costs we are paying for electricty and water for the pool (around €2,000 per month) jointly. If anyone can tell me if this is right, then I will rest easy, however I suspect that we may have leaks. The pumps are running at the moment 12 hours a day and will very soon go to 24 hours a day which ofcourse will make the costs even higher.

In this age of economic austerity is there anything we can do to lessen costs?

Thank you for looking,


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11 May 2012 12:10 by El alamillo Star rating in Nottingham & El Alam.... 221 posts Send private message


Sorry I can not comment on a communial pool. But when I had my pool fitted. I contacted the electric suppy company and asked for a duel meter to be fitted. My pump is now set to come one during the off peek periods. My bills show that there has been a saving to be made. Over the last 5 years. Perhaps a check to see if this option is in place. For the whole of last year My Electric and water totaled €790. that was house usage as well. My house is occupied only perhaps 6 months of the year.

Check if your contract includes maintainance My Pool cleaning and maintainance is my largest bill at €656 per year

Sorry not to give you a more comprehensive Answer.


Sorry for any spelling


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11 May 2012 13:14 by anthomo16 Star rating. 104 posts Send private message

Thank you so much JB I have an awful feeling something is not quite right with our pool. At least you have given me something to go on.



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11 May 2012 13:41 by cazzy Star rating in Inland Andalucia. 180 posts Send private message

 We think our 10x5 pool costs us about 1,000 euro a year total.


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11 May 2012 13:47 by anthomo16 Star rating. 104 posts Send private message

Is this for a communal pool or private?

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11 May 2012 14:11 by El alamillo Star rating in Nottingham & El Alam.... 221 posts Send private message

Just to Add My pool is 8 x 4 with a total overall depth of 1.5 mtr.

With 2 visits per week by the pool man.

Must say that for the money he does a great job.

If I was there more. I would do it myself.


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12 May 2012 09:36 by technodec Star rating in Staffordshire &River.... 19 posts Send private message

I would suggest that you find the water meter that supplies the pool and check the readings over maybe seven days to see the usage.
In the community where I have a property we had a massive bill for water due to the gardening company person that looks after our pools leaving a valve in the wrong position and water was continually going to the outside drain.

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12 May 2012 10:09 by jeffsears Star rating. 36 posts Send private message

Check the pump to see what power it uses. 

A 1kw pump costs about 22 cents per hour to run. For your size of pool it may be a 3kw pump so 66 cents per hour. If left on for 24 hours then it costs €15.84 per day, or about €475 per month.

The water charges for our community pool (8 x 5m) average about €300 per month when in use. 

Pool maintenance and water quality checks cost another €650 per month.

It all adds up to make a very expensive swim. Just wish we could fill it in. 


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12 May 2012 10:33 by manilvajl Star rating in Manilva as much as p.... 426 posts Send private message

In our community we run the pump 8 till 12 and 15 till 18 each day, we have a heat pump used either side of the summer to extend the time the pool can used as our location is quite windy. Our pool is 9 x 5 mtrs and 1.5 deep.

Our most expensive year was about 1500 euros for electricity and 400 euros for water. We are a small community of 15 houses with small garden that needs water as well and use power for the electric gate and street lights.

So I would say that something is wrong. I was president for 7 years and watched costs.

You will lose possibly up to 2 cms of water a day due to evaporation in warm and windy weather so you can calculate the cost of that loss.
For a 10 x 5 pool that is one cubic meter per day. We have a pool cover which is off during the days when the pool is used. It stays on at night. There are calculators on the Internet that you can use to work out evaporation. Or you can use the bucket test to measure it. Leave a bucket next to the pool for 24 hours filled to within the same level as the pool a few cms. below top of the bucket. Measure the loss in cms. People under estimate the loss due to evaporation and look for leaks.



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13 May 2012 12:41 by steve. Star rating. 3 posts Send private message

We maintain two heated pools on our site each of the sizes mentioned. The heat pumps operate on thermostat for 5 - 6 months of the year depending on conditions. Total maintenance for both pools is less than 1500e per month. The electricity cost is far more than the water.

We are in the Canaries.

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13 May 2012 14:18 by eggcup Star rating. 567 posts Send private message

I honestly can't understand those phenomenal costs.  We have a private pool, 8.5 metres by 5 metres and similar to one of the other posts, we spend fewer than 1,000 euros a year on electricity for the pool and house combined.  We pay hardly anything for water because the same water stays in for years, effectively, with us letting some out when it rains a lot and then filling up a bit - the costs would be negligible, so much so that I don't pay any attention to the bills.  The chemicals are more expensive, and may amount to 80 euros or so a month during July and August.  We keep it covered when it's not in use and just have the pump ticking over for maybe an hour a day or even half an hour a day in the off-peak months.  During the peak, hot months we have it on for maybe 2 hours in the morning and 2 hours in the evening - it's actually quite an annoying sound when it's on and I can't understand why it would ever be on for 24 hours a day!  When you switch it off it's like bliss and you can hear the birds again.  We pay a local man 8 euros for an hour every day when it is in use, to clean away the leaves and vacuum when necessary.  I've never understood why people pay so much for these communal pools - they're just a bit bigger and there's no reason why the charge should be much more than the 8 euros a day we pay our man - I think he probably doesn't even have to do an hour most days, if there aren't many leaves.  You are definitely being ripped off and it's damn good you've spotted it, so that you can find out what's been going on.  All the best. 


My account of moving to Spain.  http://www.eyeonspain.com/blogs/olives.aspx"><img


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13 May 2012 18:57 by jeffsears Star rating. 36 posts Send private message

Well said eggcup.

Our community pool is a rip-off. Administrators alone cost €3000 a year. The President skims off another €5000 to pay her husband for maintenance. Not a bad income for maintaining a total area of a bit of grass and a pool measuring less than 300 sq.m.

The pool is open from June to September and has cost €70000 to maintain over 4 years.

Only problem is that most people are apathetic and are stupid enought to think that €200 a year each for an 8 x 5m pool is good value for money.


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13 May 2012 19:37 by eggcup Star rating. 567 posts Send private message

Hi Jeff.  Honestly I'd be onto a lawyer sharpish to review any contracts related to this.  If the pool is only up and running for 4 months of the year, then the costs outside that period are negligible.  This means that 70,000 divided by 4 years, equals 17,500, divided again by 4 months of the year and you have a monthly cost of 4,375 euros.  You need to make everyone aware of this ridiculous cost.  Let them know the monthly peak costs should be closer to, say 100 euros for electricity, practically zero for water, once the pool has been filled, say 100 for chemicals, and if you paid someone for two hours (we pay for one) per day at 8 euros an hour that would come to about 500 euros a month.  Frankly, two hours a day is long enough to also look after the pool and a patch of grass (how often does it need cutting?!).  People like to mystify things and talk drivel and bullshit, but you need to cut through this crap and talk logic (something foreign to many Spaniards).  I make it: 700 euros a month, or 2,800 euros for the summer and a small retainer for the rest of the year - say a couple of hours of cleaning the garden each week, or 16 euros a week, x 35 weeks, equals 560 pa.  There would also be a small charge for leccy if you put the pump on a timer of an hour or so a day.  I would say the total cost would come to under 4,000 euros pa.  As you have paid 70,000, I reckon you have already been ripped off to the tune of 54,000 euros.  I would be up in arms, because I hate being cheated.  Anyway, sorry about all the maths, but I like doing those kinds of sums (probably someone will examine my figures and spot a mistake - go ahead, I can take it).  I'm probably stirring things up a bit, but that's a good thing, because sometimes you have to get mad before you get even.  And even the apathetic people are happy to pay, maybe think of some alternative ways that money could be spent.  A big knees-up or champagne parties!  All the best. 


My account of moving to Spain.  http://www.eyeonspain.com/blogs/olives.aspx"><img


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13 May 2012 23:33 by bobaol Star rating. 2256 posts Send private message

bobaol´s avatar

 We have five pools ranging from kids to largish swimming pool.  3 pools are around 12 x 5 metres and also includes a spa pool plus big pipe that squirts water.  We have a fountain at the entrance with 10 jets.  The electricity is included in the total community charge which includes street lighting so I couldn't comment on that.  However, the pool maintenance, including paying the firm which cleans and looks after them, comes to just under  €14,000 a year which is about 1100 a month.  Considering the larger swimming pool is 4m deep then your bill seems a bit high.  

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14 May 2012 16:57 by cantarranas Star rating. 4 posts Send private message

We have our own private swimming pool 8 x 4 meters and have worked in the water industry from Desalination plants in Saudi Arabia, Belgium and Spain (Denia, Javea and Moraría) plus water treatment for domestic use. None of you even mention filters and backwashing the filter (We use some 200 litres for this. Sorry I am now too old to get involved farther but I would suggest you all need to do your homework, what water are you using is it domestic or agricultural (Ours is agricultural and the PH is to high so have to bring that down)

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14 May 2012 18:02 by El alamillo Star rating in Nottingham & El Alam.... 221 posts Send private message

As mentioned in my previous post........ For the whole of last year My Electric and water totaled €790. that was house usage as well. My house is occupied only perhaps not quite 6 months of the year.

The Break down was €518.35 for the electric. Pump on twice a day through winter 4 times during high useage and summer for 2 hrs a time during off Peek tarrif.

Domestic Water was €315.18. Filters Rinsed and Backwashed at each clean.

We try and get all washing and showering done during the off peak tarrif.

We also have a solar heated shower Poolside.

I well understand some of the problems of being part of a community. You need every property purchesed so all pay a fair charge to use the facilities. Empty properties are owned by developers and Banks and I am sure they don't pay there way with charges.

A community in my area kicked out there administraters who were set by the developer. And established there own almost halving there running costs.

Developer tried to sue them for €6m You got to LarFFFFFFF!!!!!! 

My wife wanted to get our pool heated. I should Co Co. I bought her a wetsuit for her birthday LOL.

Always remember to keep the sun in YA heart. 


This message was last edited by El alamillo on 14/05/2012.


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15 May 2012 00:00 by eggcup Star rating. 567 posts Send private message

Well said el alamillo (what does your name mean?)  I like your style.  I don't even dip my toe in the water unless I'm so boiling that I'm about to die of the heat.  You've illustrated further how you have to cut through all the bullshit - what 'administration' is involved in running a flipping pool?  Filing the receipt for the chemicals bought?  Is someone paying 100 euros on chemicals and then charging 100 euros for writing that fact in a ledger?  Plenty of owners would be glad to volunteer to do tiny jobs like that.  It's all part of the ridiculous gravy train and ripping off of people who like to live in denial, as though their new life in the sun is paradise and they don't want to hear one negative word.  That's what these rip-off artists rely on.  It looks quite promising if there have been examples of kicking out the 'administrators.'


My account of moving to Spain.  http://www.eyeonspain.com/blogs/olives.aspx"><img


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15 May 2012 00:37 by El alamillo Star rating in Nottingham & El Alam.... 221 posts Send private message

Hi Egg cup.

Sorry El Alamillo only translates to The Alamillo.

This is my part of heavan. My Spanish Dream that started back in 2001.

With the purchase of an off plan property completed in 2003

A small community of multi European Residents and Non Residents

On the hill of El Alamillo overlooking the Bay of Mazarron.

On the outskirts of Puerto de Mazarron

Never once has My Dream faultered. I look at the Dream from all angels.

Even my street name fills me with passion Calle Cabo Santa Maria

You get what you aim for

My house has been enjoyed by many a family member and friend over the past 9 years

I have just under 4 years to retirement.

I owe nothing to anybody. I pay all my taxes in both UK and Spain

My dream is as strong as it was 11 years ago.

I'm Luvin it.




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15 May 2012 11:48 by manxmonkey Star rating in Channel Islands. 81 posts Send private message

manxmonkey´s avatar

 Ho Ho,  El Alamillo you've cheered me up. Well done.

As for all these various charges I'm stunned how low some costs are.  €8 an hour??  I pay £18 - €22 for labour in Guernsey and as for under €1,000 total electric and water - wow, do you live in a cave?   I keep a two bed flat in the Isle of Man and when I'm there my electric bill runs at about £150 to £180 a month and that was a selling point whem I rented it to a friend recently as that's low.  On Guernsey I think we pay about 14 pence per unit of electricity so in a winter month there I would expect the bill to be about £300 for one of my 2 bed cottages, much less in the summer of course.  However I live full time on Sark where electricity is 63 pence a unit and when I was away one winter my manager disappeared leaving the hot tub on all winter plus the freezers / fridges etc and we came back to the delight of a £6,000 electricity bill which as you can imagine created a word or two!

Over the years I have taken over the management of many apartment blocks and even forced a buy out of the freehold BUT you need to get everybody on board and faced with little old ladies saying, "Oh, John would never over-charge us" even when I've just explained that my accountanys and solicitors were preparing criminal fraud charges against him what can you do?!  I recommend starting by looking at the books.  Or get a friendly accountant to look at the books.  It'll usually be pretty evident where the rip offs are occurring and they usually are!!! You may find the monthly window cleaning being paid weekly or the gardening service happens to be the brother in law of the management agent or owned by them.  Then you've got the management commission on every bill or service which is just an incentive for them to spend more and more...........look at the books, follow the money and you'll rarely find a cleanly run management of any community over 20 properties.  Good luck and keep smiling.


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15 May 2012 12:50 by El alamillo Star rating in Nottingham & El Alam.... 221 posts Send private message

Glad to have cheered somebody up. Far too much doom and gloom in the world today Euro/ Pesata,Dracma or Pound I don't really care. The old days are no longer there.

Whish  it could be so. I lived in Cyprus for 5 years. That was what you called cheap living.

I could not afford to live to the same standards now days.

I used to pay my petrol bill at the local garage monthly

Even had Food on tic at the local shop paid bill monthly.

Oh the good old days of Trust and Respect.

Think I may have reported sometime ago ref costs of being a non resident owner in Spain.

Last  year my total outgoings to run my 3 bedroom house with garage and pool now with WiFi and telephone.


Monitored Alarm system

House and contents insurance

Bank Charges

Wealth Tax

IBI tax

Solisitors Fees

Pool clean (By far the largest bill I pay approx £10 per week) 2 visits summer / 1 visit per week winter.



Was €3157.14 at todays interbank rate 1.24.  That converts to £2546.08

I do have a ca in Spainr which costs approx €800 per year. inc Airport parking multi transfer between airports. Road Tax. ITV & Insurance.

Not including maint or fuel.

So in all a happy bunny. 

11 years ago I had a cunning plan. Think it has worked so far.

One problem I would see in todays climate is that if I was looking to Sell. It would be hard just like some are finding.

My property would still sell for more than paid back in 2001. When the Euro rate was 1.60 to the £

But I ain't for a U turn. I am in it for the long term.

Viva Espania

Sorry if I seem to have hijacked this Post but it is all about service and cost.


This message was last edited by El alamillo on 15/05/2012.

This message was last edited by El alamillo on 15/05/2012.


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