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26 Apr 2012 13:40 by keith28 Star rating. 13 posts Send private message

Has anyone received calls on their landline where the caller hangs up as soon as you answer? I keep getting calls from the number 971016104 and I see from a web search that others (inluding Spanish) have been getting them from this and other numbers. At first I thought it was simply a wrong number but it keeps happening and seems to be deliberate. As far as I know, you can't block specific incoming numbers on a landline.I have another solution, but it is a bit radical. Any comments welcome.


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26 Apr 2012 15:37 by Team GB Star rating. 1249 posts Send private message

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Hi Keith

From 'Who calls me'

He hablado con telefónica, me han aconsejado presentar una denuncia a través de la página Oficial de La Agencia Española Protección de Datos ( de tal forma que una vez cursada es enviada a Telefónica y de forma gratuita restringen las llamadas de este número.

 have spoken with phone, I have been advised to lodge a complaint through the officer of the Spanish protection of data Agency ( page so that attendance once is sent to Telefónica and free to restrict calls from this number.

It appears that it's that are making these calls - by auto dialer I would imagine


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26 Apr 2012 15:59 by Abyss_Rover Star rating in Mallorca. 72 posts Send private message

I was going to comment on the auto dialer also.


We have had many, where it rings and when you answer it, it sounds like the phone is put down. We have been told that it's a system that calls hundreds of numbers and the sales people talk to the first one that answers, leaving the others to disconnect, until they are finished and ready to take the next one.


I'm not sure about reporting this but it can't hurt to try.

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26 Apr 2012 15:59 by lobin Star rating. 213 posts Send private message

 Yes, I have also checked some Spanish websites and the complaints are always the same:

1.  Since it is computer dialing, you don't get them to talk to you until you have said hello a couple of times.  If you only say it once, the systems hangs up.

2. Once you talk to them, the normal modus operandi seems to be that they ask you a very simple question and when you give them the correct answer they tell you that you have "won" the chance to participate in a group that play the lotteries.  You pay them from 5 to 56 Euros per months and if there are no winnings you get them back.  You have to give them your bank account or credit card details.

The scam is that out of the 56 E, only a small part gets put into the lotteries, the rest is kept by the scammers.  There is never any refund because you always win something, for example, 0,30 E per months (winnings of 30 E divided among 99 players).  This is enough to stop the refund for that month.

The thing is that the business appears to be "legal" in that it is true that they run a lottery group but it is a scam because only a small part of the contribution goes into the lottery and you never get any back because you always manage to win a ridiculous amount.

3.  What Telefonica is saying is that if a denuncia is formally made to the police, they will restrict the scam number from calling Telefonica numbers without charge, but this does not work because the scammers have many numbers to call from.

I hope this helps.


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26 Apr 2012 19:44 by Roberto Star rating in Torremolinos. 4268 posts Send private message

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Blimey, so Ponzi schemes are now legal? Note to self: start own Ponzi scheme asap.

Don't know if it will help in this case, but I successfully stopped nuisance calls from (I think it was) Jazztel a while back by using this:



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