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How to Get a Clave PIN: A Step-by-Step Guide
Saturday, May 4, 2024 @ 9:49 AM

If you need to carry out procedures with the Spanish Tax Agency (Agencia Tributaria), the Clave PIN system provides a secure and easy way to verify your identity online. Registering for a Cl@ve PIN is an essential step to access numerous services offered by public administrations in Spain. Here's how you can get your Clave PIN online with the option of using an invitation letter and a Secure Verification Code (CSV).

Step 1: Begin the Registration

Start by navigating to the official website of Agencia Tributaria. Locate and click on "Register in Cl@ve" on the portal. You can also use the APP Cl@ve on your smartphone, which will guide you through a similar process if you're not already registered.

Step 2: Provide Personal Identification

You will need to input either your DNI (Spanish National ID) or NIE (Foreigner Identification Number). Be sure to enter the details exactly as they appear on your document, with no spaces or hyphens. For DNI holders, include the validity date, and NIE holders must provide the support number from their assigned documentation.

Step 3: Request an Invitation Letter

After validating your identity, choose to continue registration without an electronic certificate. Opt for receiving an invitation letter at your fiscal address by clicking the button marked accordingly. This letter will contain your CSV.

Step 4: Complete Registration with CSV

Upon receiving the invitation letter (which can take some time to arrive by mail), you have 60 days to use the CSV provided. Revisit the "Register in Cl@ve" option on the website and enter your DNI/NIE and the validity/issue date or support number again. This time, select the option stating you have the invitation letter and enter the 16-character CSV when prompted.

Step 5: Input Contact Information

Fill in your mobile phone number and email address in the fields provided – these will be used for communication and sending the Clave PIN via SMS. If your mobile number is not a Spanish number, include the country code. If the mobile number is already associated with another DNI/NIE, follow the instructions to link it to your current ID.

Step 6: Finalize the Registration

Review the terms and conditions, accept them, and send your registration. You will be given a screen that displays your activation code and an option to view and print the PDF document, which is your registration receipt.

Step 7: Activate and Use Your Cl@ve PIN

With your Clave registration complete, you can now proceed to use it for various procedures. When accessing any procedure that allows identification via Clave, you can choose "Cl@ve Mobile (includes Cl@ve PIN)" and follow the instructions to either scan a QR code or enter your details to authenticate with the Cl@ve app or receive an SMS with your PIN.

Registration for Cl@ve using the CSV method results in a basic access level. For services that require an advanced level of access, you may need to complete your registration in person or by using an electronic certificate or DNIe.

For more detailed information, or if you encounter issues during your registration, consult the help links and additionally provided information on the official Clave registration portal here.

By following these steps, you'll be ready to use your Clave PIN for interacting with Spanish public administration services quickly and securely.

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