The Sherrif of nottinham rides again

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01 Apr 2012 00:00 by stillgoin Star rating. 161 posts Send private message


UK air passPassenger duty rises by 8%


Here we go again


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01 Apr 2012 14:59 by EOS Team Star rating in In Spain of course!. 4017 posts Send private message

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I had to edit your post as it was a little corrupted 

I did hear about this on the radio and after having just filled up my car with petrol at some ridiculous rate I realised that life appears to be getting increasingly more expensive by the day.

It's just one thing after another at the moment.

Anybody planning on reducing taxes anywhere in the near future I wonder??



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01 Apr 2012 15:09 by stillgoin Star rating. 161 posts Send private message

surely its only the rich that get taxes reduced

 i got an idea for a new uk tax as it is usually so cold they could apply a tax on warm weather


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01 Apr 2012 20:45 by in_the_sun Star rating in Riveria Del Sol. 34 posts Send private message

Think the taxs in spain will be going up if anything , they have just announced the largest cuts so next will be iva increase ! bring back the days of sin plomo 95 being 64 cents a ltr


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02 Apr 2012 22:55 by cbrammeld Star rating. 172 posts Send private message

 Britain is an island so to leave or enter you must go by air, water or under water. Most business and travel is done by air so to be the highest taxed on air flight in the world is mad, stupid, bonkers. An extra tax on investment in Britain means less jobs. 

Politicians need to wake up and smell the coffee and think through their ideas. Not to open their mouths and let their belly rumble.

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02 Apr 2012 23:05 by in_the_sun Star rating in Riveria Del Sol. 34 posts Send private message

hey you know if a politician thought through thinks he wouldnt be a politician as i think part of the qualifaction now to be one is be on cloud cookoo , we are talking about the people who thought collecting rubbish every two weeks would be good , the people who say there is a fuel strike coming and every one should stock up in gerry cans , the man who controls the countrys finances sells gold at the lowest price then panics later and can only afford to buy half back at the highest price , the people who borrow more than a country can afford to pay back , oh and not forgetting the people who will never accept they have made a mistake oh and people who claim everything from cleaning a moat to porn at a hotel on expenses :-/ wise people they are lol

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03 Apr 2012 03:02 by stillgoin Star rating. 161 posts Send private message

 i am pretty sure keeping more than 5 galls of petrol at home is illegal so to be told to stock up loads must be illegal cameron should be prosecuted as accessor before the fact then we could let manuel run the y uk

what the uk has is the loonies running the asylum

wonder what happened to the lone ranger and batman et al

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04 Apr 2012 23:20 by Sten46 Star rating in Hatton, Derbyshire &.... 246 posts Send private message


I have always maintained that the only credible alternative government for the UK was lost when Lord David Sutch died!




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05 Apr 2012 02:14 by stillgoin Star rating. 161 posts Send private message

 doesnt it just make you want to screem 

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05 Apr 2012 11:36 by kelju Star rating in South Yorkshire . 302 posts Send private message

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 I think that my home town Rotherham was the only place that Screaming Lord Sutch didn't loose his deposit, the Tories did that year, coming a place behind the monster raving looneys.

It was in the late 70's early 80's when the mines and steelworks were closing and lots of men were out of work, his manifesto was to bring the Channel Tunnel entrance further north to the outskirts of Rotherham and he had really thought this through - lol.

The out of work miners would dig the tunnel, the redundant steelworks would be re-opened to provide the steel and to employ the out of work steelworkers plus there would be no impact on the environment because all of the 'spoil' from the tunnel would be tipped down the redundant mine shafts.  Once the tunnel opened, wealth and propsperity for all.

I also think that he made Rotherham his campaign headquarters for future elections.

No characters these days, more's the pity, only career politicians who are more concerned about keeping their lucrative jobs than doing whats right for the people and the country.



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